Buffy the Vampire Slayer Reunion

Thursday, March 20

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One of the most revered (and deconstructed) television shows ever made, Buffy the Vampire Slayer was an ingenious blend of subversion, substance, and silliness appealing equally to feminist scholars and pubescent fans of Buffy herself (Sarah Michelle Gellar). Conceived by Joss Whedon as a cheeky slap at low-budget action and horror films that degraded women, Buffy evolved over seven glorious seasons, first on the WB and then on UPN, into a genre-busting comedy/horror/action/drama amalgam that—despite being set in the fantasy world—explored very real, emotionally charged issues, including perhaps the most painful experience of all: surviving high school.
—David Bushman, Curator

In Person:

  • Amber Benson, “Tara Maclay”
  • Nicholas Brendon, “Xander Harris”
  • Charisma Carpenter, “Cordelia Chase”
  • Emma Caulfield, “Anya”
  • Eliza Dushku, “Faith”
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar, “Buffy Summers”
  • Seth Green, “Oz”
  • David Greenwalt, Exec. Prod.
  • Alyson Hannigan, “Willow Rosenberg”
  • James Marsters, “Spike”
  • Marti Noxon, Executive Producer
  • Michelle Trachtenberg, “Dawn Summers”
  • Joss Whedon, Creator

184 Comments on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer Reunion”

  1. Jason Says:

    I’m very excited for this reunion. Even cooler that Charisma Carpenter is going to be there. It’s too bad that Buffy and the rest of the gang didn’t get to see the new and improved Cordelia Chase from the later years of ANGEL. It would have been fun to see.

  2. Adriano Contreras Says:

    To each member of the panel:

    There are so many great things to say about Joss Whedon and I don’t blame people.

    Can each of you name one thing that was not so perfect about Joss Whedon?

  3. Cloître F-X Says:

    We miss everyone so much!!! What could push everyone of you to restart the serie one day?

  4. Bradley Vail Says:

    Any comments on what the cast thinks about the Season 8 comic book?

  5. Nicola Boden Says:

    To Joss and Sarah, Do you forsee a happy ever after scenario for buffy and angel either in the comics or a feature film?

  6. Nick Panou Says:

    There have been many fan polls on the topic, but never one where we have heard from the cast and producers. So my question is:

    “Looking back on 7 years of Buffy, which is the single best episode in your opinion?”

    I think this would be a fun one to ask and may bring up different perspectives from the different panelists.

    My wife and I are making the trek from Toronto and looking forward to it!

  7. Lucy Says:

    Just wanted to say its so cool that the BTVS cast and crew are coming together for their fans. will their ever be a movie and will we get our Buffy and Angel ending. Joss your the Best.
    And all BTVS cast are my fav actors I always try to buy dvds with at least one of you guys in it. Alyson Hannigan is so funnyn in How I met your Mother

  8. Kacey Says:

    I have a bunch:

    1) Both the Buffy and Angel shows ended on such sad notes (between all the deaths earlier on – Cordy, Tara, Fred, as well as those in the respective finales – Wes, Anya, all the characters ended up alone). Do you see happiness for any of the characters? Who will the end up with?

    2) So what’s the final verdict — did Buffy ever love Spike? Did Angel love Cordy as much as he did Buffy? Who’s Buffy “meant” to be with? When the show first started, what was the intention for the character…who was she supposed to be with?

    3) Are there any plans for new Buffy or Angel DVD collections — I love the current box sets but would kill for more special features as well as panels like the the one in the new Chosen collection.

    4) I’d love to hear from each actor what other role in the Buffyverse they would have loved to have played.


  9. Donny Says:

    First of all CONGRATULATIONS for giving us the best show of Television. I truly considered myself a TV fan and let me tell you I haven’t cried as much or laughed as much with a show. Mr. Whedon, you truly are a genious, I hope you are aware of that. And Sarah you are an excellent actress. I’m looking forward to see your new works.

    Well my question is actually a cliché one. Is there the slightest hope that there will be a reunion of Buffy& Angel?

  10. michelle and danielle Says:

    We were extremely jealous to hear of this event, seeing that we live in Australia and are financially unable to come over.

    We are both mad fans of Buffy / Angel and are holding our breaths in anticipation of the cast coming to AUSTRALIA for a reunion. When can we expect to see all of you over here together, we have seen Tony and his con was a fantastic event and I know that if youo had the whole cast here you would get a great turnout.

    To Joss…..is there going to be a ripper series coming out .

  11. Alina Says:

    Oh My God .I am so excited!!!!! I want to cry and laugh at the same time! I am all the way from Russia!I am the fan of this show for more than 10 years. It’s my life. Not a day passed without me thinking about “Buffy the vampire slayer”. Buffy is my hero, Buffy is my friend. In High School (in Russia) when I had any problems or questions and didn’t know what to do, all I had to do was watch “Buffy”and I would get all the answers there.There is nothing I’d rather do than watch my “Buffy”!

    Joss you created a MASTERPIECE, Thank you very-very much.In Russia you have millions of devoted fans. David(Greenwalt), Marti your great ideas and work made this show the best show ever made!!! Sarah-You always in my heart, I love you sooo much. You are my hero!!!!!David Boreanaz-you are the man of my dreams I wish you would come too. Sarah, David, Anthony, Amber, Nicholas, Charisma, Emma, Eliza, Seth, Alyson, Michelle and James you guys ARE THE BEST!!! And if Anthony Stewart Head would arrive, I would be the happiest person alive and March 20th 2008 would be the happiest day of my life.

    Oh, I am so happy right now, I can’t breathe!!!THANK YOU PALEYFEST FOR MAKING MY DREAMS COME TRUE!!!

  12. Anthony Says:

    Dear Alina,

    Thank you for your kind words. Unfortunatly due to my current schedule, i will not be able to attend this years festival. It is so nice to hear that fans from all over the world will be attending. I know for sure Sarah is excited to meet many of her fans, and will tell me all about it. Have fun, and say hello to sarah for me. Thanks again for your kind words.


    Anthony Stewart Head

  13. Alex Miller Says:

    Here are some of my questions to specific panelists:

    To Joss: In retrospect, considering how the show began, do you feel that not attempting a Buffy/Xander romantic relationship at least once was a mistake?

    To Nick: I heard that you actually “did it” with Eliza in “The Zeppo.” Is that true?

    To Seth: You said that your disappointment with the airtime you were given on Buffy was one of the contributing factors to leaving the show. Looking at Xander’s lack of airtime during the last few seasons, do you now feel like it was the best choice?

    To Marti: You wrote many great episodes on Buffy. Which episode that you wrote was your favorite and why?

  14. Miranda L Says:

    First of all let me say that I never watched either buffy or angel while they were on primetime. I only started tuning in while they were in reruns, but once I started watching I couldn’t stop. I got all my friends addicted along with me, and sped right through the first 3 seasons of buffy, and then I watched the rest of the seasons along with angel. It wasn’t just that I loved the characters, and writing and storylines, it was that I connected with it. It was and is the show that picks me up when I am down. It will forever be that for me. However, as my sister is an avid fan of the show and the comic book I know a little about the changes made in the comic book. My first question is about that. 1) If a new Buffy movie is ever to be made, would the story pick up from the final episode of buffy, or from wherever the comic book leaves off?
    2) I wanted to know what the actors thought about the relationships between their characters throughout the series? Do they think Buffy and Angel are meant to be? Willow and Tara? Willow and Oz? Xander and Anya? etc
    3) Is buffy actually crazy and in a psych ward as hinted at in a season 6 episode? Which is the real buffy, the slayer, or the girl in the pysch ward?
    4) Finally, what is everyone’s favorite episode to watch, and what was everyone’s favorite episode to film?
    Thank you so much for this show. It is entertaining, loving, funny, sad, scary, beautiful, dark, hopeful, uplifting…I could go on forever because it is everything a show should be and more.

  15. Alina Says:

    I must be in Heaven!!! Thank You Anthony for your reply!!! I love You, I love Your songs, I love Giles !!! I wish You all the happiness in the world!!!

  16. Anthony Says:


    again, thank you for your kind words. I recently spoke to SMG and she is actually going to be in Russia filming her new movie and would like to ask you some questions about the country. would you be willing to answer some questios for her? The name of the movie is I Am In Love With John Kav 3 !!!!!!!!!!


  17. Alina Says:

    everyone knows that Christy Swanson is the real buffy…………………..

  18. Alina Says:

    I am sorry everybody!!! I didn’t write the previous comment,my boss did, he doesn’t have anything else to do and saw me doing this so he played a prank . I DIDN’T SAY THAT CRISTY SWANSON IS A REAL BUFFY. John Kavchok 3 rd find something else to do!!!

  19. Alina Says:

    This is my last comment, anything else written from Alina has nothing to do with me. I love Buffy very much and would never say anything bad about the cast or the show.

  20. jk3 Says:

    I love Buffy !!!!!!!!!!!

    • jon Says:

      Buffy vampire slayer does rock. I am big fan of all them.thank gain I love it the show.i am ready for another movie. I got 1st and 3rd season i wish I had them all. Best wishes to all.

  21. BUG Says:


  22. jk3 Says:

    This is my last post too. Alina, get back to work…………………..if thats what you call playing on the companys computer all day is. 😉

  23. anne Says:

    who the hell is Buffy?

  24. JAY Says:


  25. melissa Says:

    ……………… not me

  26. Tracy Says:

    I have two questions really, for Joss. In the final episode of Buffy it was eluded to that Buffy thought about one day having a life with Angel, just how did she think this would this be possible? He still had the dreaded curse that seperated them in the first place. By the way, how he responded to Buffy during the entire scene/ scenes, it made it seem he got over Cordy damn quick if you ask me!

    And you once said you left it for the the fanfiction writers, you showed Buffy coming to the basement and looking across at Spike that last night before they went into the Hell mouth but really in that mind of yours did they? Or did they keep it pure? I as a fan fiction writer have not been able to touch the subject. I’m at a quandry and only you can answer the question.

  27. Tracy Says:

    I wanted to say how lucky you attendees are that Sarah gets to attend, she often doesn’t get to to these type of things. I am sitting here green with envy of you ticket holders. I tried, but missed. Please, please soak it up and write all about it on your blogs, on the net the next day. As sorry as I am Anthony Stewart Head can’t attend making it the perfect reunion I am just a bit selfishly glad its not perfect since you all beat me to the tickets. No, really you all go and Enjoy, Celebrate all that is Buffy and apart of that great place we call Jossverse!!!!! I love that place and the people that made it a place I love to visit!

  28. Tru Says:

    With the awsome continuation of season 8 in the comics, would all of you consider doing a Buffy movie? We as fans WANT THIS!!! I love you all for the work you did with this show.

  29. Irvin Says:

    As a huge fan of Buffy and Joss Whedon, I realized that there are several “lost” Buffy or Whedon related items that have never seen the light of day. These include the unrealized Wonder Woman script, and the 6 or 7 episodes that were written for Buffy cartoon.

    Now that you have crossed over into the comic book world, have you ever considered turning those Buffy scripts into a separate miniseries for Dark Horse, or talking to DC about making a graphic novel one off for the Wonder Woman script?

  30. SuperKekko Says:

    Wow, I’m an italian fan…In Italy the series has not been so popular, but ther’s also lot of fans…

    I’m beign intrested of Angel series now…

    I’would like to come to see the reunion…but it’s impossible for me to come from Italy 😦

    I’hope to find a way to see it on video…maybe steaming by Paley center for media.

  31. Donna Booth Says:

    For all the Panel are you all happy at the chance to see each other again and will you consider more reunions? lov ya all

  32. Donna Booth Says:

    Another Question for Charisma im a big fan of yours but we have hardly seen you in any Projects lately have you got anything Lined up for this Summer as i miss watching you on television love and Hugs Donna fom the Uk

  33. Lee Bowers Says:

    To everyone on the panel, what are your favorite episodes and what specific scenes stick out for them, oh and PLEASE MAKE A MOVIE … I can dream lol


  34. Jen Duffy Says:

    To the PaleyFest organisers: Is there any chance that the Buffy panel is going to be Streamed Live just as Gossip Girl will be?
    Thank you so much for putting this on!

  35. Nicky surridge Says:

    To everyone thanks for making my life a happier place. I love meeting you all at conventions please come and do something like this in europe, none of us can get to the US it was too expensive and short notice but I so desperately wanted to go, this was my dream.

    i hope there is going to be a dvd of this we can buy afterwards and please a full group photo would be great.

  36. Hi, this is David Bushman, curator with the Paley Center. First, I want to thank all of you for your comments and questions. The quality of the questions is really impressive, and we will be forwarding many of them to the moderator, though of course time constraints will make it impossible for him to ask all of them. I also wanted to address some of the issues raised above: Unfortunately, we are NOT able to stream “Buffy” live, for numerous reasons, all of which are logisitical. Bummer, I know. To Nick from Toronto, that’s great that you’re making the trek to LA for this event. We admire your passion! Lastly, it sounds like there’s a lot of sentiment out there for Buffy and Angel, vs. Buffy and Spike. What about Willow — Oz or Tara? And Xander — Cordelia or Anya?

  37. Jen Duffy Says:

    With regard to Tara/Oz and Willow, below are the questions I have submitted to the mod via e-mail (with Tara most definitely on the mind). In my opinion, there is absolutely no debate, Oz was an excellent first boyfriend for Will but Tara was her soulmate, no question! Doesn’t everyone agree?

    1. In my mind, the genius of BtVS was its realism, as the fantastical nature of the Buffyverse was always background to the very real struggle for acceptance and self-worth that each of us faces everyday. In your mind, what has been the most important social impact of the show?

    2. Is there any story line you wish would have been explored for your character or in the show that wasn’t?

    3. Is there any chance Amber is going to write for the comics (Season 8 or beyond)?

    4. Can Tara please come back in Season 8? Please? (Sorry to the person choosing these questions: I am certain you are getting questions about Tara over and over again, but it just goes to show you how important Tara is to us!)

    I am really sorry to hear about the streaming logistics! But thanks for the info David (at least I don’t have false hope).

  38. Christine Says:

    Hi David- Thanks for reading up on the fan comments! Its nice to know when we’re heard! I actually emailed my questions to the moderator a while back already, but since you kindly addressed some of the other questions, I was wondering if there’s a possibility that the Buffy event will be available as a DVD later on?

  39. Yes, Christine, definitely a chance this event will be available on DVD. Stay tuned…

  40. Christine Says:

    Awesome, David!!! I will definely be first in line for that if it happens!

  41. Faith B Says:

    Well, I’m coming from London, England – so it’s not exactly true that *none* of us Europeans can make it 😉

    Any how, my question would be (seeing as I’ll probably be way to jet lagged to ask it myself):

    To Eliza: I’m a huge fan of Faith and was not happy with the way the character was treated by the rest of the gang. I know I’m most probably in the minority here, but I was so rooting for her in Graduation part I. I am just wondering whether you were happy with the outcome of the fight or whether you wish Faith had kicked Buffy’s behind.

  42. Jay Says:

    Does anyone know, how does general admission ticket work at the Cinerama Dome? I haven’t been able to get a hold of anyone by phone to ask this.

    Do we just show up and wait in line, or will they eventually give us a “number” for our place in line? I’ve been to a few general admission events (unrelated to Paley) and sometimes the venue gives us a hard time while waiting in line!

  43. Joana Says:

    To Sarah:

    1. As great as Buffy was, she could sometimes be a little selfish. She wasn’t aware of the personal problems her friends were facing. Were you ever really mad at something she did or did not do?

    2. What were your favourite scenes to shoot? The love scenes, the drama, the group scenes, the fights?

    3. Faith and Buffy slapped each other a lot! Did you ever hit or got hit by Eliza?

    To Allyson:

    1. Which lover did you prefer for Willow? Oz, Tara or Kennedy?

    2. Did you missed the scoobies interaction in season 7 or was it better to work with a lot of new people?

    To Nicholas:

    Do you think Xander should have married Anya?

    To Emma:

    1. Do you think your character’s death should have had more impact to the plot considering you were one of the main characters?

    2. What was your reaction when you read the script for Hell’s Bells?

    To Eliza:

    1. Are you aware of the fanfiction between Faith and Buffy (Fuffy)? Are you a Fuffy fan?

    2. If you could make Faith fall in love with a character, who would it be?

    3. Is there any episode in particular that you wished you had been part of?

    4. Was it hard to play “sane” Faith after all her evil days?

    5. From all the episodes you did, what was your favourite?

    6. When you watch yourself on screen, do you react a lot to what you do or are you usually pleased with the end result?

    7. Faith has some serious dance moves! Where did you learn those??

    8. Do you think of yourself as a badass in real life?


    1. Why wasn’t Faith in the episode Earshot? It would have been interesting to hear what her thoughts were, what she really felt.

    2. Is there any character that you would have liked to deepen a bit more than what you did?

    3. If you could be one of your characters for a day, who would you be?

  44. Jen Duffy Says:

    To Joss, Alyson and Amber: Thank you so much for creating the most beautiful relationship ever to grace my tv screen; a relationship that was about love, not gender. Were you at all surprised by the fans’ reaction to Tara’s death (or were you prepared for a whole bunch of pissed off lesbians!)?

    Jen Duffy
    St. Albert, Alberta, Canada

  45. oscar Says:

    What would have been Buffy, Willow, and Xanders reaction to learning about the death of cordelia? it has not been addressed in the comic book or on either tv show. Also what about Buffy finding out that angel fell in love with Cordy.

  46. Veronika T. Says:

    SPIKE is my most favorite character in Buffy/Angel verse! I think that he deserves his own tv show. I’m very glad about the new comic book series Spike: After the Fall. I think that Brian Lynch and Frank Urru did a good job with Spike: Asylum, Shadow Puppets and Angel: After the Fall.
    But I’d be so happy to see Spike’s adventure on tv screen again! There were a lot of rumors about a Spike spin-off and Spike movie. Are they true?
    And I’m a huge fan of James Marsters! He is very talented and the best actor in the both shows by my opinion. And I would love to see him as Spike again!
    To James Marsters: Hi, James! You are amazing! My question is: Would you like to play Spike again?

  47. In response to Jay’s question above about General Admission, it’s definitely recommended that you line up before the doors open, as admission is first come, first served. The Box Office opens at 5 pm, doors to the Cinerama Dome lobby open at 5:30 pm, Premium Package holders will be let into the theater at 5:45 pm, and all others will be let in at 6:00 pm.

  48. Marianne Says:

    First of all, I would like to say that this show made such a positive impact on my teenage years. I remember looking forward to Tuesday nights on my couch and debating with people on how this show is simply the best. Overall, I want to thank you for all the memories! (I am at the University of Virginia now and I am revisiting all the seasons in my spare time.)

    I have a couple questions and a request:

    1) In your perspective, what do you think happened to the everyone after the series finale? (Did they go to the mall?!) Did you vision the characters anywhere close to the comic book series? What was the easiest and hardest thing about the show? What was your favorite line/quote from the show? (There are so many!)

    2. I (as well as others I bet) would love to see you all together again in either TV (movie?) or actual movie screens. I hope you all know that there are probably millions of fans willing to pay money to see you all again…just for one last hurrah! Maybe not now but definitely in the future!

    Thanks for everything. This show is the uhmayzing. Seriously.


    ps. I hope I can see this reunion on video on the web or somewhere!

  49. Gianfranco Says:

    Sorry for bad English
    I love you much in How I met your mother, but if Joss needs you in an ipotetically Buffy/Angel/Spike/Willow etc spin off… would you leave the HIMYM cast e came back in the Buffyverse?

  50. Gianfranco Says:


    not ipotetically
    but hypothetical

  51. i love btvs! My fave characters are buffy, riley, angel, spike, dawn, willow, cordelia, oz, tara, faith, xander, anya, and giles! My fave season is season 5! I love the episode, “The Gift”! i have seasons 1, 3, 5, and 7! I just need 2, 4, and 6 and i’ll have them all! I don’t really 6 very well bc willow is mean and scary in that one! I don’t like her like that! I’m used to her being nice! faith, i really don’t like that much, either! She hurts Buffy and kicks her out of her house, kills a person and doesn’t even care about it, and almost kills both buffy and angel! She’s just mean! Anyway, spike and angel are my fave boy vampires bc they are both cuties! Xander and Anya are funny, so i like them! Buffy is cool, so i like her too! I would really like to meet the whole cast in person bc i have a couple of questions i would like to ask you if i can! If u want to get a hold of me, my address is 1883 Outer Drive Interlochen, MI 49643 My name is Priscilla Martin and my phone #’s are 231-342-5128 (Cell) or 231-930-4751(Home) the best way to reach me is on the cell! My e-mail address is Vanillakitty33@hotmail.com (Mom’s) and mine is Vanillakitty_31@yahoo.com Mine is a myspace and my mom’s is the best way to get ahold of me! I hope to talk to you soon! Love Ya, Priscilla Ashley Dawn Martin Coy-Crummel XOXO P.s. Call me when you can and also write to me! ThX! Bye!

  52. Jack Teal Says:

    First of all, thanks to all of you for an amazing 7 years of television. This show has made such an impact on my life and the lives of all Buffy fans. My one big question is for all of you. Will there ever be a Buffy movie and would all of you consider being a part of it?
    And also to all of you, what do you value most about being part of Buffy?

  53. Emma Gordon Says:

    First I would like to say thank-u 2 all of the Buffy and Angel cast for 12 seasons of the best show eva!! I just found out today about the Buffy reunion. The tickets wer already sold out but I cudnt go anyway bcos i dont have enough money. Please can u Bring Buffy Ova to the UK (or even better N.Ireland!!) I am really sad bcos i wont b goin and it is my dream to Meet the Buffy and Angel Cast. Please can U think of bringin the reunions ova to Europe!! My first question is:
    1)To Joss-There are two different stories to what happens after Buffy. They are in Queen Of The Slayers and The Comics. If you wer to make a movie or start Buffy as a tv series again then which ending wud u like better??
    2)To Joss-Is ther any chance of Buffy season 8 on Tv?? (I wud reali like to kno wat happens between Buffy and Spike and Buffy and Angel. I wud also like to kno if Anya comes back as I reali loved her character!!)
    3)To Joss and Marti Noxon-you have both wrote episodes for Buffy and Angel. If Angel wer to com back for a 6th series then wud u’s bring Charisma Carpenter Back cos I reali love Her Character Cordelia.
    4)To Nicholas Brendon- when you joined the cast of Buffy you wer the onli one who wasnt reali famous or had been an actor before. Did that ever make you feel out of place??(you are a brilliant actor!!)
    5)To James Marsters-Do you like the way Spike Progressed as a Character from bein evil 2 lovin Buffy?? and did you like playin Spike better wen he was evil or good??
    6)To Amber Benson-Do you miss your time on Buffy and did u eva consider goin bak?? if another series was made wud u have went bak??
    7)To Sarah- How does it feel to be a ro-model to thousands of fans around the world?? What do u feel about Buffy’s progression as a character??(from bein a 16 year old girl to havin to be a parent figure to her sister??I absolutely Love you!!
    8)Alyson Hannigan-what was ur favourite time to play Willow?? When she was shy or when she came out of her shell??(BTW I am also Ginger!!)lol
    9)To Michelle- Was it hard to play a young teenage character??(BTW u played Dawn so well!!I loved her tantrums!!)
    10)To Seth-wer u sori wen Oz left?? If you wer in control of ur character wat wud u hav done??
    11)To Eliza-Was it hard to act Faith wen she was mental??(u acted her really well!! and I love ur show Tru Calling!!)
    12)To Emma-(My names also Emma!!lol) wer u glad wen u wer asked bak to be Anya in season 4?? She is a reali funi character and u played her reali well!!

  54. Emma Gordon Says:

    I Can’t tell u how sad i am that i cannot see the Buffy cast and crew. I wud like to say thank-u to Joss Whedon, Marti Noxon, David Fury and all the cast and crew!! I loved Marti and David in Once More With Feelin!!

    Please Think about bringin Buffy reunions ova to the UK. <<It wud make me the happiest person alive!! I admire Sarah Michelle Prinze So Much!!and all the Buffy Women and Men!! I love David Boreanaz soooooooooo………. Much!! I think David and Sarah Made a cute couple but so do Sarah and Freddie!!

    Can u’s get bak to me to tell me if there is any plans of Buffy Cast and Crew comin to the UK or Europe?? xoxoxoxo

  55. M Crema Says:

    I wish the Buffy reunion was in Australia!!! I loved “Buffy” so much!! I would like to thank EVERY single member of the cast and crew for bringing 7 seasons of “Buffy” to the box.

    I admire Sarah Michelle Gellar so much, she is the perfect role model for girls worldwide! David Boreanaz, you set the hearts of the girls who watched you as Angel beating even faster!

    Just one question: Will Buffy and Angel be ever reunited? I loved them so much! They are soulmates forever and nothing will ever stop from being together again….even if Angel is human again.

  56. mike Says:

    this event should be streamed live, not gossip girl!

  57. BuffyFanatic Says:


    Thank you so much for creating a spectacular show!
    I’m still completely addicted after all these years!

    My main two question are…
    Will “Buffy” ever return back to television?
    Is there going to be a “Buffy” movie? Hopefully one with James Marsters in?


  58. Danika Burns Says:

    Eliza you rock!!
    i love you sooo much!!
    (does a little happy dance)

    Thankyou all for making a decent TV show worth watching!! Buffy is by far one of the best TV shows ever aired, along with Tru Calling and Angel of course 🙂

    You guys should definatly come over to Australia, everyone loves you over here!!!

    Questions: Are we going to see more of Faith in the Season 8 comic??
    What does the cast think about the Season 8 comic?


  59. David Mello Says:

    I just found this site, and I just want to congratulate the Paley Festival for putting together what could be the most popular Paley Festival panel ever. It would be an excellent idea to tape this panel, and offer it on DVD, along with other panels in the past five years. I’m sure there’s people who’d like to see the “Heroes” panel from 2007, and the “Pushing Daisies” panel from last night.

    I’d also like to know what the panel thinks of the Dark Horse Buffy comic book series as a whole, and if any of them has all the issues so far.

    Anyway, I’ll be coming for the “Mad Men” panel.

  60. Rubina Says:

    I’m Rubina from Italy, I think this Buffy reunion is so wonderful but unfortunately many European people like me will not join it, is it possible a reunion also in Europe?
    I really hope so!!!
    I so excited to see James and Sarah together, they are a fantastic couple ^_^

  61. CK Says:

    To the good people at The Paley Center:

    I know I speak for the millions of Buffy fans out there worldwide who implore you to sell this panel on DVD. I personally guarantee you will make enough money from the DVD to open a new wing at the center (The Whedon Wing?).

  62. Aidan Says:

    I have several questions:

    1. To Joss: The character of Buffy is perhaps the most iconic woman in the sci-fi and action genres and is a remarkable role model for both men and women, yet both shows have a distressing number of female deaths (Jenny, Kendra, Joyce, Buffy (twice), Tara, Anya, Cordelia, and Fred). Granted, on BtVS in particular, female characters outnumber males, but is there any reason beyond that?

    2. For Charisma: I watched the shows primarily for Cordelia, and as a worshipful Cordette, what the impetus to have Cordelia killed off? It just struck me as senseless and unnecessary. Charisma, what were your thoughts on filming ‘You’re Welcome’? Would you have preferred for Cordelia to remain comatose with the possibility of one day awakening, or were you satisfied with her exit? What about Cordelia’s ‘relationship’ with Connor? Even though Cordelia was possessed at the time, I found it to be gross and obscene, and a total violation of the character and her fans. Did Cordelia pass the visions to Angel when she kissed him goodbye? Any news on upcoming projects? We miss you and want more of you! *proudly wears his I Heart Cordelia shirt*

    3. For Emma: I thought that Anya had perhaps the most interesting and unique character arc on either show. Was there anything in particular you wish Anya had had the chance to experience or accomplish? Also, did Anya die, as Andrew said, saving his life?

    4. For Amber: Outside of Willow and Dawn, Tara often seemed to be isolated from the other members of the Scooby Gang. Which character do you wish Tara would have interacted with more? Who would have been her best friend? Also, any chance your fans will get the chance to hear you sing again any time soon? You’re wonderful!

    5. For Nick: I think Xander and Cordelia had perhaps the most authentic, realistic, and sweetest relationship on either show. Why do you think they didn’t stay in contact? I always thought it strange that Cordelia communicated with Sunnydale primarily through Willow, especially after the events in “Lover’s Walk.” Did Xander and Cordelia have any resolution between Graduation and her departure for L.A.? Also, did Xander and Faith have any discussion about past events when she returned in Season Seven? So many fans were hoping for a Xander/Faith MOMENT and we were brutally rebuffed. Boo.

    6. For Sarah: Buffy’s romantic entanglements are legendary. Out of all the male characters on the show, whom do you believe is her soul mate, the one who understands her better than any other? Also, did Joyce’s death have any impact on Buffy as a Slayer? Did it make her stronger? More vulnerable?

    7. Last one to Joss: When Buffy died in “The Gift”, there was no mention of any other Slayer being Called. Did the Line, at that time, therefore pass through Faith?

  63. Stephen Says:

    This question is mostly aimed at Joss, Marti and David G (but anyone can answer):

    If you got one do-over – if you could go back in time and redo any one episode or scene with the benefit of hindsight – what would you do differently and why?

  64. Ellis Says:

    I have a question for Joss,

    Were there any complications with the actual kitten used for ‘Miss Kitty Fantastico’? I noticed that she kept appearing and reappearing randomly through out seasons 4 and 5. Then later on we figure out from Dawn that she was actually shot by a crossbow. Why not keep her on the show?

    Another one for Joss,

    I think I remember hearing that you didn’t know Willow and Tara were going to end up being together, if that’s so, then what were your original plans for Tara? Did you already know that she was going to be a “Demon”? How long did you think she was going to stay on the show? And playing as what part?

    And one more for Miss Amber,

    In the show you play Tara, the shy witch that no one really gets except for Willow. And I know that you care deeply for Tara. So my question is, what made you audition for the part? Did you like Tara right from reading about her? Did you ever see some of yourself in her?

  65. Jenny Says:

    Just curious, last night Pat Mitchell said this event WOULD be streamed live. Has that changed, or was it a mistake?

  66. Bob Robison Says:

    If this event is streamed LIVE, is there any possibility that it can be captioned or subtitled for us deaf and hard-of-hearing fans? If it can’t be done for the live stream, can you at least provide captions for the archived video? Anything less would be cruel. 😦

  67. worldofhiglet Says:

    Firstly hello to all the panellists, it’s an awesome lineup. I really, really wish I could be there.

    This is a question for Joss the Boss – what does he think of the many fanfics of Buffy and his other works (e.g. Firefly)?

    And have any of the cast thought about auditioning for their own (or someone else’s!) part in the ‘Buffy Between the Lines Season 2’ on the quiet?

    Last one – Joss, is it true you have Minions? If so, how many and where can I send my application?

    Thanks to all for a truly great TV series. You know the fans are still watching out for the careers for all involved, the reach of the show is immense. Have a great evening and remember – beer bad!

  68. Gary Says:

    To Joss

    At the time of the ending of Buffy there was a lot of talk/rumour on the internet that there was a feud between you and Sarah and thats why she did not turn up for Angel season 5 is this true???

  69. Rebecca Says:

    I would like to join the chorus of people thanking joss, the actors, and everyone involved in buffy and angel for bringing these characters and their stories onto our screens and into our lives. I grew up alongside buffy, and it was a fantastic companion in my formative years. And now, looking back on everything that has come of it, I am so appreciative of the entertainment, excitement, laughs, and even the tears it continues to give its fans. It was truly an amazing show, and I miss it. I’ve been watching the dvds for years, so thanks for the comics, its been awesome to see some new stories and the journeys of these characters continuing!

    I so wish I could come to the event, but unfortunately Australia is a bit too far away. I would like a question though, if this gets through in time…. I just wanted to know, from any of the actors, if there was a storyline of event that you were disappointed in regarding your character. I myself felt disappointed in some of the choices the characters made and what they did, particularly buffy in season 6, and willow and xander’s affair in season 3. I don’t know if this is a good question but its something I have always been curious about.

    Finally, I would also like to add to the people expressing hopes about a buffy and angel reunion. Now that angel is human, is there really anything standing in their way???

    Anyway, thanks again, and I hope you are all enjoying your careers post-Buffy.


  70. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, guys, but our only live stream during the PaleyFest is “Gossip Girls.”

  71. Woops! I meant “Gossip Girl”!

  72. The Whedon Wing? I like it, CK!

  73. Mike, we hear you about the streaming. Believe me, we would have loved to stream all these events, but it’s not as easy as you think, due to all sorts of logisitical and rights issues. Don’t hold it against us, though, we’re hopeful on the DVD.

  74. Jamie Says:

    Streaming “Gossip Girl” is such a wasteful decision, lol. Don’t let us down and do this DVD-thing. 🙂

  75. worldofhiglet Says:

    *sigh* no streaming….

    The only good thing about that is now I can just assume my questions were asked and that Joss et al thought them the wittiest, most thoughful and incisive questions ever asked. Then, sensing that I was so deserving, they would answer in a delightful fashion, put extras dedicated to (me and the rest of ) the absent fans on the DVD and make sure I got tickets next time.

  76. worldofhiglet Says:

    And they would also ignore the typos….

  77. Madra Says:

    I can totally understand the logistical problem .Buffy fans have crashed servers before LOL .

    Someone has probably thought of any question I could come up with so just best wishes to everyone in their career

  78. kyle Says:

    I wanna see a reunion between David Boreanaz and Sarah Michelle Gellar. That’d be really nice to see, they had some great chemistry and the first 3 seasons had to be my favorites of the entire series…I liked season 5 as well though. I think its great they are reuniting though…for some reason I just started getting into the show again like 2-3 weeks ago, I popped in season 2 and then got hooked so im tryna watch the whole series again because i kinda dont remember..its great. Oh and they are reuniting on my birthday too..nicee

  79. Isabelle PLOUVIER Says:

    Hi every one! I am a French fan of Buffy and Angel.
    When I first heard about this incredible reunion, I couldn’t believe my ears! Unfortunately, I can’t come.
    Those two series have really helped me during my studies. That was my only pleasure during this period. Each night, I watched at least one episode even if I knew them by heart. I went to one French convention and met Anthony Stewart Head. That was wonderful. But what you’re going to live on March 20th will be so amazing!!! I wish I could have plenty of money and come to see all the cast and all the fans. Now I got married and my husband is now the sunray of my life but Buffy/Angel are always in my heart. I can’t help buying the season 8 comic. And I wish there would be more and more stories.
    I have two questions for Joss:
    1. Is that true that a spin off called “Ripper” will be broadcast this year? Who will play in it despite Anthony?
    2. I adore the role of Darla. She appears in both series and she is the first person we discovered in the serie. Why is she so important for you?
    Well, as many other fans, I have so many questions! But I trust them and I can’t wait to buy and see the DVD of this fabulous reunion!
    Please spend a real good time all together! Every fan in the world will think about you on Thursday! Please also think about us!! Thanks again for this dream comes true!
    I just want to tell to Joss that I have translated “under your spell” in French for my wedding because it is really the mean of my past life! My mother read it as the first reading at the church! It was magic!

  80. Anastasia Chertyenkova:) Says:

    Hi! My name is Anastasia and I’m from Ukraine. The same as in US and in Russia and I’m sure all over the world Ukrainians adore BTVS… About 10 years have passed since I first saw a Buffy episode, but I still think this is the best TV series ever!!!! and sometimes still watch my favourite episodes:)))))
    I absolutely adore the cast, everyone did a great job! SMG is the best!!!!!!!
    But my favourite hero is Spike… he’s great! James Marsters suited for this role perfectly!!!!!!!!!!! He’s a great actor and musician both and a very tallented person.

    JAMES YOU ARE GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My question to him is: does he have same features of character as Spike, was it hard to play Spike, did the TV series impact his life and how.

    to the whole cast and crew:YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thank you:)))))))

  81. Ann-Maree Says:

    Firstly, I wanted to say to you all, THANK YOU, SO MUCH, for being a part of the brilliance that is Buffy The Vampire Slayer. It’s PURE GENIUS! The world would be a darker place without it.

    Now for my questions: A)Are there any plans for a BTVS reunion in Australia?

    and B) Does Joss have any plans of visiting our sunny shores?

    You have so many BTVS fans down under, who would ‘give there right arm'(metaphorically speaking of course) for a chance to see you all together, Me being one of them.

    Here’s hoping and fingers crossed that Western Australia might be included!

  82. Ann-Maree Says:

    I agree with jen duffy 100%, Amber and Willow were definately soulmates.
    Tara is one of my favourite characters and was very sad when she died. She was so real and had such a beautiful energy..amazing actress

  83. Shaela Says:

    To Joss: Thank you so much for continuing the lives of your fantastic characters in the comics.

    So what’s up with Twilight? Is he someone we’ve met before?

    To Marti:

    What would you say is the biggest mistake you made after taking over the show?

    What episode or story did you receive the most criticism for?

  84. Caryn Says:

    What did Buffy do after the hell-mouth was closed and they left Sunnydale? Does Buffy still fight or is she retired?

  85. Patty_Cakes Says:

    I am very excited that this event is happening. My only regret is that I can not be there. I was a fan of Buffy since it started out as a mid-season show on the WB. I watched it faithfully to the end and have relived it many many times on DVD. There are SO many reasons I love this show, but they seem to all boil down to Joss- his amazing ability to tell an EPIC story, in very human, relatable terms. And, of course, to make us LAUGH out LOUD, right after bawling our eyes out, followed by yet more laughter! Everything about Buffy was unique, engaging, creative, and inspiring. I miss it whole-heartedly.

    Here are my questions:

    1. Are any of the actors reading the comics? What do they think of the story so far/where their characters are going?
    2. This question is for Joss. What episode, or moment, or scene are you most proud of?
    3. Was there ever a character you regretted killing (I’m thinking WES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)?
    4. Are you inherently against happy relationships (LOL). Yes, this is a BIT of a joke, but no one can deny that every time a couple seemed to be settled, be happy, something bad happened to one or both of them. Why is that such a pattern in the Buffyverse?
    5 . Having watched both Buffy and Angel, the development of a true and deep friendship between Angel and Faith was very interesting. The writers did a very good job of showing us how deeply they both cared for each other. In light of this, it is hard to understand why Faith would not have been fighting by Angel’s side in Not Fade Away. I know this is a bit outside of Buffy, but it deals with 2 very popular characters. Will this be addressed, maybe in the comics? If not, can you give us the answer now?
    6 . I feel I know the answer to this, but at the end of season 6, when Spike leaves, is he in fact in search of a restored soul? or “revenge”? Is he actively seeking to be reensouled? I have always thought “yes”, but to this day, fans seem to be in disagreement over this point. Perhaps James Marsters, as my favorite character Spike, can answer how HE saw this.
    7. When and where did Spike and Angel first meet? There was a bit of an inconsistency between this scene in Buffy and the one later shown in Angel.

    and the NUMBER ONE QUESTION….. ***Is there a new Buffyverse FILM project (i.e. TV or movie) in the works? All the fans WANT this.

    Thank you!

    PS Best of luck with Dollhouse, Joss and Eliza. I can not wait for a new Whedon project on TV!!!!!

  86. Patty_Cakes Says:

    Just one more comment: Paley folks- PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEEEASE release this on DVD. It’s bad enough that so many of us got shut out; that tickets were being sold for unbelievable prices on ebay and craig’s list (SCALPERS, booo); but that Gossip Girl is being streamed live, while Buffy (easily, at least, AS popular, no?) isn’t, is a real shame.

    Please put the whole event out on DVD. If you sell it, we will come (to the vid store and BUY it)



  87. Jane Sullivan Says:

    Thank you. I want to thank you all for helping me raise my daughter. BtVS is how we talk about growing up. From friendship and love to rejection and responsibility, obligation, and living through the pain we always go back to Buffy. I mean, how many thirteen-year-olds know that the hardest part of being in this world is living in it AND that they got the mustard out? We watch Buffy and laugh and cry together, a lot.

    My question for everyone: How has being a part of Buffy changed you–changed how you see the world?

    And a special message to Joss–I’m taking our friend (and your fellow W. alum) Marguerite (Dee Dee) D. through all the seasons. Just love her, she’s one brave little toaster!

  88. Diego Says:

    To Joss could it be the chance that spike and buffy end together ?

  89. Diego Says:

    To Sarah and James, you shooted drama, comedy, romance, sex scene and always perfectly, it can be seen a perfect chemistry between you two, that’s natural or you need a lot of time, My question is because not necesally two excellent actors can work together

  90. Alberto Says:

    Joss Please give something for the poors spike and willow, angel has a wolf woman, buffy a potential, xander has a potential

  91. Jas Says:

    I know it’s been said already but I figure it can’t hurt to say it again: PLEASE, release this on DVD!!

  92. Donna booth Says:

    Hey if this Reunion turns out well is there any chance of another one at and please do publish this onto Dvd

  93. Adam Says:

    Sarah, if buffy was still running today, do you think it would have retained its popularity?
    Love to all the cast and crew.

  94. Scott in Columbus Says:


    In Buffy and Angel, you manifest an extreme aversion to the “happy ever after” for any romantic entanglements: Just when love is declared and the future is possible, you destroy it. This is most obvious for Buffy and Angel, Xander and Anya.

    After watching “Hells Bells,” I almost stopped watching Buffy. Such nihilism. I believe (like Pandora’s box) there still needs to remain the possibility of hope. “Hells Bells” was just cruel.

    So why the distaste for solid relationships? Disney had his kill-mother cartoons, Joss you have your annihilate romance fetish.

    (And thank you for 12 incredible seasons.)

  95. Stephen Says:

    Wow im sooo excited to see the scooby gang reuniting!! 🙂 ive only got one thing to ask…is there anyway all the gang will get back together and finally give the fans what they have been waiting for!? A BUFFY MOVIE!!!!??? 🙂

  96. Marc Says:

    This is certainly fun to see the whole gang together again, David (Boreanaz) & Charisma (Carpenter), included! I’ve a question for Joss: Was their any point in time, besides season 2, that you thought of killing off Spike? He started getting on my nerves, (no offense). And to cast: Who was your favorite writer & director of the show, & why? Thanks

  97. Veronika T. Says:

    James, Sarah you are really awesome together! If am not too late I have a last question to James and Sarah:
    Do you know that Spike and Buffy make number one in list of TV Guide’s Hottest Love Scenes? Yours lovemaking scenes in ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ has been named TV’s hottest ever love scenes.
    What do you think about this?
    Personally, I like Spike and Buffy relationship more than other Buffy’s relationships. If there is a movie I would be glad to see Spike and Buffy (James and Sarah)together again.
    To Joss – Please, Joss, make a movie! I think the storyline between Spike and Buffy is not finished. And never kill Spike again! Spike is the coolest character in the both shows. I love him so much. I would like to see more comic books and movies with Spike.
    To all cast & crew: Thank you for these two – Angel and Buffy – incredible shows!!!

  98. Matt Says:

    Why isn’t Tom Lenk (Andrew) attending? He’s one of my favorite characters.

  99. Isabelle PLOUVIER Says:

    Oh my god ! I couldn’t imagine that this day will hurt me so ! I can’t help thinking about you all there in Paleyfest (even if you’re not even awake for the moment in the USA but I’m sure many of you do not succeed in sleeping)! I am at work here in France and it is really sad! I can’t wait to buy the DVD of this fabulous reunion! Fortunately, yesterday I received episode 11 of the season 8 in comics! This cheers me! Have a good day all of you fans of Buffy and Angel all around the world !

  100. Diego Says:

    To Veronica T where did you find that new about Spike and Buffy make number one in list of TV Guide’s Hottest Love Scenes? , because i got through the tv guide web site and the only mentioned the 2008 top 10 hottest kisses on tv
    I hope you can help me because i am big fan of spike and buffy relationship too

  101. Cara-Lynn Says:

    Excluding an episode in which a long time cast member dies or the series’ finale which episode was the most difficult episode to shot?

  102. Patty_Cakes Says:

    Diego, I saw it posted on Whedoneque.com

    Here is the link: http://www.thaindian.com/newsportal/india-news/gellars-love-scene-in-buffy-the-vampire-slayer-named-tvs-hottest-ever_10028702.html

    For the record, yes, I think James and Sarah together are very very HOT!

  103. Jack Kennerley Says:

    Dear Joss and everyone (including the editing team),

    Were there any sections from the musical which were cut due to broadcast constraints?
    Any lost numbers or songs? (and not Anya’s Season 7 “Mrs”)
    Any crucial moments which had to be edited out?


  104. Chris Says:

    Hi everybody,

    this is Chris from germany. My english is not the best, but i hope you can understand me. First i will thank the paleyfest08 people, that they made my dream come true. It is unbelieveable, that my favourit tv-heros are all together in the cinerama dome in california!!! Thanks Joss Whedon for the best television show ever!!! And a special thank to James Masters. He made Spike the funniest charackter on the show. Okay, i know… Spike is a Vampire… a bad, bad Vampire… but his dry sense of humor and his sarcasm is unbelievable!!! I hope there will be a chance, James and Joss and most of the others will do a Spike Movie or a Spike television show, etc!?!??? I pray for it every night! And @ Sarah: You must be in this show… i mean David is cute, but every beautiful girl wants to kiss a bad boy, isn’t it?! So do it again!!!! Spike & Buffy forever!!!! Thanks everybody!!!

    One of your million fans in germany

  105. Patty_Cakes Says:

    I’m so sad this will be happening tonight and we can’t even watch it on the net; BOOOO!

    But I will *TRY* to be happy for all teh fans that DO get to be there; Yaaaah, you! 🙂

    Ok, hope it’s a great evening…. and CAN’T WAIT FOR THE DVD!!!!! 😉

    *hint, hint*

  106. Brian Says:

    Greetings from New York – jealous not to be there tonight.

    Moderators – PLEASE ask if there is ANY chance of a Buffy movie? Please please please.
    and thanks.

  107. NinaBonita Says:

    To all the fans going to this event….if someone can PLEASE post a recap tomorrow that would be great!!!


  108. Franks! Says:

    First of course, Thank you so much to anyone and everyone that made Buffy and Angel possible!

    1. To the cast:
    Do they have any opinions about the direction of the recent comics? Do they have any suggestions?

    2. To Sarah:
    What is her reaction to the latest um, “romantic” development in season 8?

    3. To Joss:
    I read many years ago that if there was to be a season 8, Buffy and Xander were going to become involved or possibly married. Is there any truth to the story or was the idea ever raised?

    4. To Seth:
    Are you slightly relieved you missed out on “Once more with feeling,” or would you have loved the chance to sing?

  109. Janet Says:

    To David Bushman and all the Paley Center folks:

    I trust you’re seriously working out the logistics for a DVD to be available of the historic Buffy panel taking place this evening. PLEASE make it happen ~ the wishes of many thousands of fans unable to attend the panel would come true.

    For myself, I can only echo previous commenter Bob Robison when he states that anything less than a closed captioned or subtitled DVD would be cruel to us deaf and hard-of-hearing fans.

    When I learned the panel might be streamed live, I was excited yet guarded based on the fact that maybe .1% of video available online is EVER captioned. For something as momentous as this panel, I was willing to pay the several hundred dollars to have the content captioned privately for my own viewing. Since the live stream won’t be happening, even that option is gone and I can only hope and pray for a DVD to be made available.

    PLEASE include closed captions or subtitles for the benefit of the many thousands of fans who rely on these important accessibility features. Thank you!

  110. Patty_Cakes Says:

    Since it will take a while for the DVD to come out (I’m sure) I agree with nina bonita- Any attendees, PLEASE post a recap. I can’t wait to hear all about it!

    thank you, in advance.

  111. Mark W Says:

    How would each of you explain the meaning of Faith’s ongoing rhetoric of “Five by Five”, as your character would see it?

  112. Sonia Says:

    First of all I wanna thanks to Paley Festival and all the BTVS cast for this reunion, I’ve been waiting for this since the both shows ended… I’m SO sad I can’t go (I Live in Argentina) but I’m sending to all the cast my best wishes from here, I love you and I’m still watching the show everyday!
    I also never give up my hopes, I’m still wishing for my Buffy & Angel reunion, no matters if it is in a movie or in the comics, just bring my Bangel back 🙂
    Thanx for the amazing years you give us, Joss you’re a genious! Sarah & David I love you!!!!!

  113. Christopher Says:

    Sarah and Joss,what do you think about Buffy and Angel making and winning all those Valentine polls last month.Buffy/Angel made AOL’s Top 20 TV Couples,MSN TV Top Couple’s List,came in at #1 on T.V Guides Favorite Couples and#4 on T.V. Guides Own Favorite Couples List?

    To Joss,Sarah has said she’s open to a Buffy movie depending on the script.With her here tonight what are your thoughts on a Buffy/Angel feature film down the line reuniting Buffy(Sarah) and Angel(David) onscreen and with all the major players from both Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel?Do you have a story in mind that would fit a theatrical release?Are you aware that while David Boreanaz wasn’t interested in a T.V. movie he would be interested in reprising his role in a feature and that he would want a Buffy/Angel reunion to have a part in it?

    To Joss,will we eventually see Angel show up for a guest appearence in season 8?Could Buffy pop over to L.A. for a guest shot once After The Fall concludes in a future story?Does Buffy know of Connor?Will Andrew’s comments about Buffy not trusting Angel in Damage and Giles’s refusal of help for Fred in Shells ever be addressed and whether that even came from Buffy given what we’ve seen so far in season 8 with The Immortal reveal in issue 1,Andrew’s role in it and Giles going behind Buffy’s back in the Faith arc?Does Buffy know that Spike has been back for a while now?What were the original plans for Angel’s 100th episode when Sarah was going to do it?Would Buffy of made a guest appearence in season 6 if the show hadn’t been canceled?Sarah,would you have been open to it?

    To everybody on the panel,what are your thoughts on the Buffy season 8 and Angel:After The Fall comic series and some of the devlopments in them?Opinions on Buffy sleeping with another slayer?The rift between Buffy and Willow?Dawn as a giant?L.A. trapped in hell and Angel now being human?

    What is everybody’s favorite season of Buffy?

  114. Crazycindy47 Says:


    as a French fan, I was wondering if the DVD would be available in Zone 2?

    I know that it’s too late for questions for actors, but, I hope the one of Joana about Faith will be asked!
    I’m a huge fan of Eliza and her wrk! She’s a great actress, I loved her in Sex and Breakfast, and I’m waiting with eagerness for The Alphbet killer and all her next movies!


    I hope i’ll be able to ask you all my questions on day!

  115. nicky (UK) Says:

    Hi guys
    Just have a geat time tonight wish i could be there i have cried a few tears at not going over the last few weeks. Come to the uk soon all of you please and can we have a dvd please for those of us who couldnt get there and if there is will details be posted etc,

    I would like to know if you kept anything from set and if so what? What do you think of the merchandise on sale and have you ever been tempted to bid on any of your clothes or props?

  116. Beverly Says:

    To all: Whats the weirdest ‘thing’ a buffy fan has sked you to sign or given you?
    oh and Joss please can i have a part in Dollhouse? I’m sure you need that british touch!

    p.s. come on sarah, you know you wana bring it back!

  117. Wendy Says:

    I love all you guys and the characters you all played, I started seeing you since it began and I was just 13 back then, now that I’m in my 20’s I still think your show is awesome. I have all the dvd collection, which I like to see every chance I get. The whole cast, crew, just everyone that worked in the show are incredible. Thank you for doing this reunion, I appreciated, not just me but all the fans that you have around the world. !!!

    Step one:Reunion, which your doing now……
    Step two: A Buffy movie…… I’m just saying… “HAVE A BLAST”!!!!!!
    Your loyal and #1 fan.

  118. Veronika T Says:

    Hi Diego!
    I saw Patty_Cakes already is posted a link of the TV’s hottest ever love scenes. But here are two links with pictures. Enjoy:

    Spike and Buffy forever!;)

  119. Melissa Says:

    I miss the television show. I was wondering if you would ever think of doing a movie or a show reunion? I know all us fans would be grateful. I would love to know what happend to everyone after the final episode.

  120. Christina Gonzales Says:

    Hello. It’s just about an hour until the HUGE Buffy Reunion starts, and I just wanted to say hello to the cast, and add a couple of more questions to the few hundred I’m sure they already have. I am one of the biggest fans of both Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Angel. Unfortunately for myself, however, I am unable to attend this spectacular Paley Fest event…to make a long and boring story short, I was scammed out of a chunk of the money I had saved up for tickets to attend the Buffy Reunion, shortly after tickets originally went on sale to the general public and were sold out. I lost my money, AND was unable to afford any other tickets I could come across!! I grew up with this show, and needless to say, I was devastated when I finally accepted the truth (this morning), that I really would not be attending Paley Fest!!…Anyway, here are my questions:

    All questions are to Joss Whedon (unless specified):

    1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 comics are set at least a year and
    a half after “Chosen” (around late 2004), however, in the 12 issues
    already released there has been no real mention of Angel (aside from one of Buffy’s fantasies). Is there a reason for this? How much do Buffy and the Scoobies know about the events and consequences of what happened in “Not Fade Away”? Why haven’t they
    tried to help Angel and Spike, and was Buffy ever aware that Spike was alive and working with Angel? Did Angel ever say goodbye to Buffy in any way before “Not Fade Away”?

    2. Will Riley Finn, or any other friendly soldiers be making any
    appearances as comic book characters in Buffy Season 8?

    3. Buffy and Angel…Will they ever be together again? Will they see
    each other again soon in the Buffy Season 8 or Angel: After the Fall comics? Also, to Sarah: Are you a Banagel fan? Who do you prefer Buffy with? Angel, Riley, Spike, someone else?

    4. It’s March 20th 2008, where are the main characters of Buffy and
    Angel now? DETAILS please if you can.

    5. What did Buffy and Angel discuss in their off-screen meeting after
    Buffy was resurrected in Season 6 (after “Life Serial”)?

    6. Will Buffy ever find out about the missing day from Angel Season 1, “I Will Remember You” (when Angel was human)? Did Buffy ever know about Connor? How about Angel’s relationship/feelings for Cordelia? How did she find out these things? If she did know about Connor, was her memory of him erased with the others, or not?

    Thanks so much! Hopefully these make it in! I have been dying to know
    some of these answers for years!! Thanks again to the entire cast! You are all amazing, and incredibly talented!! I LOVE YOU ALL! Best wishes all around. I hope you have a blast tonight, and I wish that I could be there with you!!

    From one of the loyalist and true Buffy fans,

  121. Jen Duffy Says:

    Man-o Man, I wish I was there!!! Have a blast, guys!

  122. Patsy Says:

    I publish an online arts-culture-current affairs-activism magazine called “The Bohemian Aesthetic”, and since—quite by happy coincidence—most of my staff of 20+ consider “Buffy” and, indeed, All Things Whedon to be exemplars of Art-cum-entertainment…

    DUDES! WE’RE ROYALLY BUMMING THAT WE COULDN’T GET INTO THIS EVENT! The senior editors have been preparing for a complete “Buffy”-themed issue (our FIRST theme issue in almost five years of publication!), and being there to cover the reunion would have been 5×5. A lot.

    ‘Just thought I’d vent. Share my sorrow. Gain some small comfort in the hope that you might taste the salt in my tears.

  123. b!X Says:

    “Futon Critic is live-blogging from PaleyFest! Tune in when they blog Buffy!”

    Or… not.

  124. I hope we hear some exciting news soon! Please eveyone who attended, blog like crazy about it 🙂

  125. Any word on why Hannigan and Dushku were no shows? Usually when actors cannot make an event, the moderator or the Paley Centre rep explains prior to the panel.

    I was just curious since no one said anything nor asked about their absences.

  126. Erika Says:


    I am really really upset that I missed out on such a great opportunity to meet the cast members of my favorite show ever! I have been watching my dvd’s over and over again since the program ended on air. Buffy was the best television show of its time and I miss having a bit Whedon’s humor on a daily basis! I love you guys!

  127. Joey Says:


    I am from Singapore, heard of the event over the online news.

    I have been a great fan of Buffy ever since I first saw the series. It is still the best ever!

    Love everyone of the show, Buffy rules!

  128. Christina Gonzales Says:

    Hey everyone. I just read the transcript, and was a little disappointed that the only question about Buffy and Angel, wasn’t answered. The entire cast side-stepped around it (maybe not intentionally), but anyway, still no Bangel love!! I really wanted to know if they’d have a future together…oh well.

  129. Janet Says:

    Christina Gonzales, would you share a link to where you were able to read a transcript?

    I’ve seen media reports and synopses of the event, but no actual transcript, and that would be fab to see.

    Thanks in advance!

  130. Mike Says:

    I think she means the “live” blog from Futon Critic: http://www.thefutoncritic.com/rant.aspx?id=20080320 That’s probably as close to a transcript as we’re going to get.

  131. Sonia Says:

    I was just thinking about that too! I agree with you Christina Gonzales, I was waiting for someone to ask them about Buffy and Angel, and the entire cast stepped around it (not intentionally, I’m sure) but come on!! We , the Bangel fans, wanna know!

  132. Jas Says:

    I was actually glad they didn’t talk about Buffy and Angel more. Joss will never say something like: yeah, they will definitely end up together! or No, they won’t! There is no use asking the same question all the time. And I mean, basically the situation is still as it was when Angel left at the end of season 3: he is still a vampire, still can’t sleep with her, still can’t have a normal life with her. So why would they suddenly hook up again?

  133. Christina Gonzales Says:

    Yes, it was the Futon live blog I was referring to. I am a huge Bangel fan, so I was just wanting to know…Also to Jas: in Joss’ Angel After the Fall (Season 6) comic, in the last issue it is actually revealed that Angel has become human. He still possess his supernatural vampire strength, but he is human.

  134. Sonia Says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I know the show is not about that, and I Know Joss will never say something like: yeah, they will definitely end up together!Actually in the comic Angel is human now, but anyway the thing is we’re talking about a “future” closure, that’s why we mentioned the B&A movie so many times, and people are asking the same question all the time because they never really answer it.

  135. Diego Says:

    Moderator: Final analysis, final verdict: Angel or Spike?
    Moderator: Final analysis, final verdict: Angel or Spike?
    Sarah Michelle Gellar: Well, he’s sitting on stage! (points at James)

    Sarah Michelle Gellar: (to James) You look at things lately and I’ve seen a bunch of lists recently where they were talking about favourite characters, favourite shows… I saw the best love scenes this week – it was you and me, by the way. (audience cheers)
    James Marsters: Take that, Angel!

    spike and buffy forever
    angel go to sleep
    from http://www.darkhorse.com

  136. Diego Says:

    Moderator: Final analysis, final verdict: Angel or Spike?
    Sarah Michelle Gellar: Well, he’s sitting on stage! (points at James)

    Sarah Michelle Gellar: (to James) You look at things lately and I’ve seen a bunch of lists recently where they were talking about favourite characters, favourite shows… I saw the best love scenes this week – it was you and me, by the way. (audience cheers)
    James Marsters: Take that, Angel!

    spike and buffy forever
    angel go to sleep
    from http://www.darkhorse.com

  137. BALover Says:

    Sarah Michelle Gellar: Well, he’s sitting on stage! (points at James)
    Yeah, she sounds like: well, Spike is here, I can’t say Angel is the one…
    I think that’s not an answer…
    And she said “I saw the best love scenes this week” she didn’t said Spike is the one. So… again, he we are waiting the answer.

  138. Diego Says:


  139. Jen Duffy Says:

    Hey guys,

    You can hear the whole thing here: http://jossd.com

    Thank you so much for putting this on, Paley. I am really bummed that Aly wasn’t there but everyone else was wicked!!

  140. BAlover Says:

    Here some SMG enterviews:

    “I don’t think that Buffy will ever accept anyone in the same respect as Angel.
    I don’t know if the audience ever will. And I don’t know if I would.”

    This is the love of her life, and now her job was to kill him! That’s heartbreaking.
    -Sarah [about Angel going evil] Entertainment Weekly 2003

    Question: “You’ve gotten to kiss some pretty hot guys onscreen. Who was your favorite?”
    SMG: “I don’t know! How can I decide? Although,
    David and I have a special relationship, and we are wonderful friends,
    both on and off screen. When we act as Angel and Buffy, we become the very
    essence our roles, helping us to convey the passion of our characters.
    Of all of the guys I’ve worked with, I have to say that David is definitely
    the best person I’ve ever had to work with romantically, and is definitely a
    better kisser than many of the other leading males I’ve had to work with.”

    Q: “What are your feelings about the departure of Angel and how is this going
    to change the series?”
    SMG: “I’m nervous. Part of the success of Buffy is David and my relationship with him,
    both on camera and off. He’s incredible. He’s grown so much and I trust him more than
    any guy I’ve ever worked with. I’ll miss him.”

    “When Angel first went evil, I had to separate myself from David (Boreanaz)
    because our scenes together hurt that much more. David was my most trusted person
    on set. When I would cry on camera, he was the only one who could calm me down –
    when Angel broke up with Buffy (“The Prom” episode), I couldn’t stop crying for 25
    minutes.” – Entertainment Weekly, 1999

    “I can’t say enough amazing things about David Boreanaz. We had the most amazing
    working relationship I’ve ever had, and I’ve been blessed with the guys that I’ve
    worked opposite, Ryan Phillippe, Jerry O’Connell, Jamie Kennedy and I;ve adored
    them all. But David and I had a very, very special relationship. In three years of
    working together, we never had so much as a disagreement, and that’s just
    unbelievable, considering the hours we spent together. And we worked so well together.
    We could gauge each other’s moods. We could help each other. So, for me,
    it’s very daunting. Part of the reason Buffy worked was Angel, and you get these,
    What if I can’t do it on my own? What if I *need* David? ”

    “…I think deep down Buffy will always love Angel and she will never love anyone
    the way in which she loves him.”

    “I think Buffy was greatly in love with Angel. It will always be Angel!
    Nothing in her life will ever compare to that…” – Dreamwatch 2002

    “I think Buffy’s great love is Angel (who now has his own series) and it always
    will be,” says the 24 year old star. “She and Spike are having great sex,
    but she’s not ready to settle down.”

    Q: “When the show ends, would you be upset if Joss didn’t pair up Buffy and Angel
    A: “I would be terribly upset, but Joss doesn’t necessarily believe in happy endings,
    so it probably wouldn’t happen anyway. I’m not getting my hopes up.”

    Sarah getting angry at the producers: “I ran into the producer’s office screaming
    ‘Buffy would never do this, with all her history with Angel! It’s wrong!”

    “David and I are incredible friends, he’s one of my best friends.
    And to do that heartbreaking scene, I was crying afterwards and for about 5
    minutes we just kind of held each other there because it was where you have
    to break that line of, okay this isn’t real.”

    “There has always been a connection between David and I, personal and professional.”

    “My reunion with David Boreanaz makes this final Buffy episode extra special!”

    James Marsters quote from a convention
    Q: “So Drusilla was with a chaos demon last we saw.”
    James: (playfully) “Shut up! I’m jealous you know! No, really. It’s odd but I’m
    quite protective of Dru. David’s the same way. One time, there was someone on
    the set who wasn’t treating Sarah very nicely. David wanted to kill him.”

    I have never read that Sarah says something about being like brothers with James (anyway that’s not the case), even James insisted that Buffy loves Angel in an enterview…

    “It’s true,” Marsters insisted. “It’s the truth and he shows his manhood by saying so.
    Yeah. I thought that what the final episode did very well was admit that Buffy
    really is in love with Angel. That the sexual relationship she had with Spike
    was unhealthy. That it was unwise. -James Marsters

    And “Diego” you don’t have to attack me to defend your opinions, if I’m talking is because I have proofs, I can write my opinion just like you.

  141. Marianella Says:

    Thank you Jen Duffy for posting that! The sound is really good.

  142. bri Says:

    Where can i watch this online or get it on dvd? im dying here!

  143. Christina Gonzales Says:

    BAlover: I love your quotes! Where did you get these from? Also: the quote– Sarah getting angry at the producers: “I ran into the producer’s office screaming
    ‘Buffy would never do this, with all her history with Angel! It’s wrong!”– what was this referring to?

    And just to defend Bangel a little bit further, Spuffy may have won best sex scenes from T.V. Guide, but Bangel has very recently topped about 4 or 5 best couple, and favorite couple lists.

  144. Christina Gonzales Says:

    Just wondering (and don’t attack me because I personally don’t believe this is true)…has anyone heard that Sarah and David had a relationship while they were doing like Season 2, and the beginning of Season 3 of Buffy? They seemed very close and there were lots of rumors flying that they were together. There was also a rumor that David was with Charisma for a very brief time during Season 3 of Buffy (long before any mention of Angel/Cordy). What do you all think? Also: Am I the only one would absolutely despised Angel and Cordelia together? EW.

  145. BAlover Says:

    Hey Christina! well in that quote she was refering to Buffy being with Parker in season 4. And you can find more quotes on google, or in the differents magazines.
    The rumors of David and Charisma are false, I have never read one, and David and Sarah I’m not sure, I have read a lot of those too!
    I’m a huge Bangel, so I hate Angel being with Cordy (EW x 2 lol) but it’s the same case with Buffy being with Spike… And I agree with you about the difference of best couple and best sex scenes or best love scenes…

  146. Christina Gonzales Says:

    Buffy and Spike’s relationship was extremely unhealthy…however, I really did enjoy the friendship they developed in Season 7 a lot, and I do like to watch Sarah and James on-screen together. I guess I just never really liked Cordelia in general, as a character. I just couldn’t stand her! The only episode I can think of that I actually liked her a little in, was in Angel’s Season 5 “You’re Welcome” (and it was not because she died). But the kiss at the end–yuck; ruined it! She’s had a few good moments in Buffy, I have just never been a real fan of hers. And I am not bashing Charisma Carpenter in any way (only Cordy). I think Charisma is a beautiful, talented actress. Out of everyone though, Cordelia Chase is 100% one of my least favorite character in the Buffyverse.

  147. BAlover Says:

    I agree with you about Sarah and James, and the Buffy Spike friendship in season 7. I liked the old Cordelia, when she was with Xander, but yes, she’s one of my least favorite character too.

  148. Christina Gonzales Says:

    Yes. I did like her with Xander. That was when she was at her best

  149. cate Says:

    Hi i’m a bangel fan and I think that now that Angel is human there might be
    a possibility to Buffy and him end up together …there might!!!

  150. Denise .J. Says:

    I am a 50 yr old fan with a 26 yr old son who thinks I’m nuts. But I think that James who plays Spike is the best think that happened to Buffy and then Angel. I watch anything he’s in because he is a gifted actor and he reminds me of my husband who passed away 20 years ago. I was so disappointed that the reunion was in march because I’ll be in California in mid April. I’d do just about anything to meet James.

  151. NIKKA ROCA Says:

    Will you marry me, james??

  152. NIKKA ROCA Says:

    Oh by the way… i missed all this. >.< Eff word.

  153. NIKKA ROCA Says:

    i devoted this whole month (april ’08) to watching the ENTIRE BtVS series, at the expense of an unkept room and graduating socially inept consequences… I dont know what’s up next for you james (marsters), but LET ME KNOW!!!! i can’t be this celebraholic ^_^ (or can i?) because i am totally out of the loop with television nowadays. Buffy.t.V.S.
    was the only show that paralyzed me.. and just coz i was out in the jungle of the philippines for years, nothing kept me from forgetting you guys… I just saw the finale (FINALLY!!!! ^_^) today… and there may be no more way to reach you (james ^_^) after this.. but i’d figuratively dying to meet you… and well, that’s all.. how many times have you heard THANK YOU!s for this bomb.com show… well… i wana throw it out there, with a spin..

    THANK YOU…. JAMESpikeIMobviouslyAFanSavemyLIFEandsayHIbutReallyI’llbefineandbuffysTillrocksMysocksMARSTERS

    ooohhh if that wasn’t nutty i don’t know what is… an please all those questions people asked up there ^^

    can’t believe a 50yr is into james. lol… but it is wat it is.. JAMES PLEASE SOMEHOW, read this ^_^
    mr. marsters. whatever.. i can’t seem to stop writi–

  154. NIKKA ROCA Says:

    i love you jamesmarsters 🙂
    noone check this anymore, huh?
    i love you james marsters:(

  155. siv Says:

    Im Buffy/angel shipper.
    I want Buffy/angel reunite.

  156. Maicol and Marco Says:

    Adoro, adoro, adoro!
    Abbiamo guardato la serie con lacrime e paletti. Prima di uscire per la ronda abituale, prendavamo spunto dalle battute di Buffy per sterminare i vampiri intelettualmente. Non sappiamo come fare senza la forza di Buffy, la potenza di Willow, la sagacia di Anya, la noia di Giles, il coraggio di Xander e quel gran figo di Spike…
    Noi non stiamo chiedendo niente, quando diciamo che l’amiamo, non é perché la vogliamo o perché non possiamo averla. Non ha a che fare con noi. Noi amiamo quello che é, quello che fa, come si impegna. Abbiamo visto la sua gentilezza e la sua forza, visto il meglio e anche il peggio di lei. Noi capiamo con estrema chiarezza quello che é. E’ una donna fantastica, é unica Buffy…
    Che dire d’altro, qualunque cosa vi dicessimo suonerebbe come un addio…
    E’ vero, adesso che faremo?!

  157. […] de que finalizara la serie Buffy The Vampire Slayer, habrá por fin una ‘reunión’ de gran parte del cast (y sí, incluyendo a Sarah Michelle Gellar, que normalmente pasa de estas historias). Es posible […]

  158. First off I am so sad I missed this reunion it would have been great to see it in person but it was great to see the crew together again…I was a fan when I was a teenager and still am to this day and I am 25 years old now with four daughters of my own and they too love Buffy the vampire slayer …my five year old loves spike….I even named my fourth daughter Anya Michelle after Anya of course and Sarah Michelle and Michelle trachtenberg….I also named my third daughter after Charisma Carpenter character on Charmed….I just want to say I love you all and I would love to see a buffy movie someday

  159. carpenoctemtomorrow Says:

    Damn. Well, its a good thing (I guess) I didn’t know about this because I would have been so sad that I couldn’t be in California for this. No chance Toronto will be getting anything as big as an almost full cast reunion + Joss? One can only dream. *sigh*
    I’ve just been rewatching Season 3 because I haven’t watched Buffy in such a long time. I loved this show in high school to death, ask anyone who knew me, and watching some of it again re-affirms that Buffy is pretty much the perfect show. Comedy/Action/Horror/Drama… Buffy is one of those shows that carved out its own niche because it didn’t really fit into any others. A funny soap opera with vampires would be the best way to describe it.
    <3<3 Joss, and the whole cast. Especially, like the cliched fangirl I am, Spike. Mmmm, Spike.

  160. cara Says:

    any news yet on whether it’s available for dvd?

    and if so — can you make it region free for those of us who are not in the states? i mean i think my player will play R1 but region free would be ideal.

    thanks for the consideration, i hope ya’ll are still keeping an eye on these forums, we’d love to have the dvd!!!

  161. Calebanka Says:

    I love buffy, I watched it from i was six on till the end. I just finished watching the whole series from beggining to end for the fourth time. Does anyone still use this as a chat group discussion about buffy? I am interested in talking to others about this as I am really the only diehard fan in my circle of friends, and I wish there was someone to discuss it non stop with.
    Let me know!

  162. Jonathan Says:

    I’m frankly quite annoyed that Paley asked that the podcast Joss released be taken down.
    How exactly are the rest of us who didn’t get to attend supposed to hear or see this event…? :\

  163. lesly Says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!buffy is like my fav show of all times and i would freaken die if there was like a reunion show or movie cuz i would so go and watch it then buy it as soon as it came out i love buffy the vampire slayer it is the best show ever in the whole world seriously you guy should do a reuinion i think all the fans should have like vote and then see how many want it well it would be amazing!!!!!!!!!

  164. charlesm Says:

    May 3, 2009
    In referring to the opening paragraph on this page, specifically the sentence, “One of the most revered (and deconstructed) television shows ever made, Buffy the Vampire Slayer…” I have one minor point to make: ‘Buffy…’ is/was a great show. It may indeed be analyzed to death, as it were, but it is not necessarily ‘deconstructed.’ Deconstruction is not the same thing as analysis; that is the taking apart of something; text, literary or otherwise. This from http://www.wikipedia.org, “J. Hillis Miller has described deconstruction in the following terms: “Deconstruction is not a dismantling of the structure of a text, but a demonstration that it has already dismantled itself. Its apparently-solid ground is no rock, but thin air.” This is a very abstract, if not complex, concept/philosophy—whatever, and I for one, certainly don’t claim to really understand it. Just thought I’d point this out. I’ve made the same mistake before.
    – charles m. lager-früh

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  167. Gclub Says:

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