Monday, March 24

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A taut legal drama that unfolds like a gripping best-seller, Damages explores the moral ambiguity of its protagonists, none more so than ruthless litigator Patty Hewes (Glenn Close), who sinks her teeth into her prey with a perseverance that is frightening (and enthralling) to behold. Dubbing it a “modern tube-noir. . . ” Newsday raved, “The more damage done, the more juicy fun for us to savor.” Created by Todd A. Kessler, Glenn Kessler, and Daniel Zelman, the series confounded expectations by focusing on a single class-action case for its entire first season, dispensing with standard courtroom confrontations in favor of a complex, multicharacter story line told with shifts in chronology to heighten the suspense.
—Barry Monush, Researcher

In Person:

  • Noah Bean, “David Connor”
  • Rose Byrne, “Ellen Parsons”
  • Glenn Close, “Patty Hewes”
  • Ted Danson, “Arthur Frobisher”
  • Tate Donovan, “Tom Shayes”
  • Anastasia Griffith, “Katie Connor”
  • Zeljko Ivanek, “Ray Fiske”
  • Glenn Kessler, Cocreator/Exec. Prod.
  • Todd A. Kessler, Cocreator/Exec. Prod.
  • Daniel Zelman, Cocreator/Exec. Prod.


4 Comments on “Damages”

  1. Cariel Says:

    I think it was such a shame that Rose didn’t win a Golden Globe this year, but she’s such an amazing actress! I’ve been a fan since Two Hands and aside from my own website for Damages, I am also co-webmistress of http://rosebyrne.org. =)

    If I had the chance to ask her a question about her role on Damages, I would ask: What part of filming Damages did you find the most difficult or challenging and how did you go about overcoming the obstacles?

  2. Buddy Ketelle Says:

    My question is:

    Is Ted Danson coming back and if so in what capacity? Ted is a joy to watch on Damages (as he was in Cheers) and I’d be sad if he wasn’t returning.

  3. fakin Says:

    Why Patty is such an ass ?

  4. Elissa Says:

    Damages was my favorite television show in 2007. I loved that each week built upon the previous, and there was nothing about the show that felt staid or formulaic. It came across like an old fashioned suspenseful radio show that one might tune into each week hoping to be totally shocked by new and exciting plot twists.

    I know ratings was a big concern when the FX was deciding to bring the show back for a second season. Will these ratings pressures force you to make the show more accessible to drop in viewers by giving each week’s show a more tidy story arc?

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