Dancing with the Stars

Friday, March 21

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Dancing with the Stars premiered in the summer of 2005 and soared to the top of the Nielsens faster than you can say “Fred and Ginger.” The appeal of this live show, modeled after the British hit Strictly Come Dancing, is simple—seeing celebrities paired with professional dance partners in routines that are critiqued by a snappy trio of judges. Television has not seen this many sequined dresses and foxtrots since the heyday of Lawrence Welk, yet Dancing with the Stars has caught the public’s fancy—with people of all ages tuning in each week to root for the underdog, gasp at the gaffes (from wardrobe malfunctions to fainting spells), and vote for their favorite team. Fancy footwork, indeed!
—Rebecca Paller, Associate Curator

In Person:

  • Tom Bergeron, Cohost
  • Cheryl Burke, Dance Pro
  • Tony Dovolani, Dance Pro
  • Len Goodman, Judge
  • Conrad Green, Exec. Prod.
  • Samantha Harris, Cohost
  • Derek Hough, Dance Pro
  • Julianne Hough, Dance Pro
  • Drew Lachey
  • Jane Seymour
  • Edyta Sliwinska, Dance Pro
  • Bruno Tonioli, Judge

10 Comments on “Dancing with the Stars”

  1. Alex from Canada Says:

    Dancing with the Stars:

    To the Pros: What is the funniest thing that has ever happened backstage/ funniest memories from your DWTS experience?

    To the Judges: I have noticed that a lot of dances in the more recent sesaons have gotten 10’s a lot earlier than lets say season 2 or 3. Are you scoring any easier or are the couples that much better?

  2. Brittany Levine Says:

    For Julianne, you’ve been with two DWTS champions. In your opinion, who was a better dancer: Apolo or Helio?

  3. Lily Says:

    For Derek, I think you are an amazing dancer and choreographer. I was particularly impressed by your choreography with Jennie. You never made it easier but taught Jennie to perform the difficult choreography. I am curious about your approach about the choreography.

    To the producers: Will we ever get to see the entire “Let’s Get Loud” pro dance (J. Lo results show)? There was so much the viewers wanted to see (pro dancing) that we missed out. Great job to Derek for that choreography.

    To the pros; There have been some interesting music choices on this show. I thought Derek’s work with the Fatboy Slim on the paso to Edyta with the Superman theme were great. What song was the most difficult to choreograph?

    To the male pros: Many say a woman cannot win this show. Tony, you had an amazing partner in Stacey. Derek, you had a great partner in Jennie and I loved your approach with her on the show. Why do you think it is more difficult for a female celeb to win? Well, except this year. Since they seemed to have casted Kristi to be their female winner.

    To the producers: Do you see this show more as a popularity contest than a dance show? If that is the case, how do you get celebs to invest in the show if they know a celeb with a big fanbase can win.

    To the judges: Would you prefer the show to return to the ordinal judging? Also remove the score bunching.

    To Carrie Ann: Why do you seem to be tougher on female celebs? You seem to have higher expectations as I noticed with Stacey, Lisa, Monique, Jennie and Mel.

  4. Lisa Says:

    Julianne and Derek: You both have a passion for music and singing but your dancing is also spectacular and makes you guys unique. Would both of you guys consider theatre? You seem to be talented in acting, sing and dancing.

  5. Deb Says:

    To Carrie Ann: Why are you so hard on the male pros especially on Maks and Tony?

    To the pros: How do you deal with the strees that comes from doing the show twice a year? The stars come and go but you guys have to come back and listen to those judges over and over and over.

  6. AliasCG Says:

    For Tony, I think you are amzing. DWTS is lucky to call you and Elena their pros. I wached you on America’s Ballroom Challenge and you showed how undefeated champions dance. No one seemed to be on (or even near) the level you two performed. I’d like to congratulate you and Elena on your retirement, and to comment on the good job you’ve done bringing Ballroom to mainstream.

  7. Jessica Says:

    To the producer: It seems like this year, Kristi is the biggest frontrunner the show has ever had. Her sport is essentially dancing on ice. Even if she cannot dance perfectly, she is comfortable with many of the other elements that makes for successful dancing as well as that improvement arc for a DWTS winner. First, do not give us a it is a tough road for Kristi edit. Also, do you cast women like Kristi and Marlee to prove that women can win this show? I will say overall that women in the recent season have been better. Are you finding it easier to cast women for this show now?

    For Julianne and Derek: You both seem are mature yet youthful while at the same time very level-headed considering your upbringing. Also very supportive of each other. Would love to see you guys in the DWTS finals (disappointed we missed out on it last year) competing against each other. Thanks for showing that dance can be fresh and innovative.

    For Tony: Congrats on your many professional dance accomplishments and your recent retirement. How do you approach teaching celebs? Any unique challenges celebs bring that you do not encounter with your other dance students?

  8. kim Says:

    Can you stream this live on the internet? That would be great!

  9. Michele Says:

    For Cheryl: You are a two time champion of Dancing with the stars. Who was the better dancer: Drew or Emmitt?

    For the Pros: If you could pick any celeb to dance with, who would you pick?

  10. Vicki Says:

    How do the professionals pick their partners?

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