Dirty Sexy Money

Tuesday, March 25

The Hollywood Reporter’s PaleyFest blog
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Murder mystery, comedy of manners, juicy soap, social satire. Dirty Sexy Money is all of these, a bracing, audaciously adult entertainment of uncommon intelligence and style. The glittering cast is led by Six Feet Under’s Peter Krause as a conflicted lawyer, and film icon Donald Sutherland as his employer, the courtly tycoon Tripp Darling. They imbue even the quirkiest story lines (the Darlings include a philandering, rage-a-holic man of the cloth and a transsexual-loving politico among their number) with recognizable humanity and warmth, miraculously inspiring real affection for the fractious, obscenely privileged Darlings and their minions. This guilty pleasure comes without the guilt—Dirty Sexy Money feels a lot like good, clean fun.
—Arthur Smith, Researcher

In Person:

  • Samaire Armstrong, “Juliet Darling”
  • William Baldwin, “Patrick Darling”
  • Greg Berlanti, Exec. Prod.
  • Jill Clayburgh, “Letitia Darling”
  • Glenn Fitzgerald, “Brian Darling”
  • Seth Gabel, “Jeremy Darling”
  • Matthew Gross, Exec. Prod.
  • Peter Krause, “Nick George”
  • Zoe McLellan, “Lisa George”
  • Josh Reims, Exec. Prod.
  • Donald Sutherland, “Tripp Darling”
  • Blair Underwood, “Simon Elder”
  • Craig Wright, Exec. Prod.
  • Natalie Zea, “Karen Darling”


12 Comments on “Dirty Sexy Money”

  1. LaShell Says:

    Has this show been canceled or will it be returning soon?

  2. […] Tuesday, March 25 Dirty Sexy Money […]

  3. fakin Says:

    Why did Samaire Armstrong leave the O.C ?

  4. Renee Says:

    I have to say that was one of the WORST hosts I’ve ever witnessed at a Paley Festival event. That host couldn’t get it through her thick head that spoilers weren’t going to be revealed that night. I was so annoyed.

    So far Kristin from E! has been the best host since she asks questions that fans really want to know the answers to- I hope the people in charge there at the Paley Center can make her the host for more events next year.

  5. Becca Says:

    any updates ???

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