Elvis ’68 Comeback Special 40th Anniversary

Friday, March 14
with Priscilla Presley

Watch a video highlight clip from this event!

1968 was the year of protest, violence, and The Comeback. After seven years of not performing on stage, Elvis Presley regained his crown as the most electrifying performer in popular music. Producer/director Steve Binder devised a television special to capture the many dimensions of the Elvis persona: the sexual magnetism of performing alone in black leather; the good-natured camaraderie of an “unplugged” jam session; the secular and religious roots of his music, rousingly revealed in elaborate production numbers; and a final inspirational plea for social change, performed in white suit. Raw and regal, the special was the season’s top-rated show. More importantly, as Greil Marcus points out, Elvis “made the best music of his life.”
—Ron Simon, Curator

In Person:

  • Steve Binder, Prod./Dir.
  • Bones Howe, Prod.
  • Priscilla Presley

3 Comments on “Elvis ’68 Comeback Special 40th Anniversary”

  1. John Lynd Says:


  2. Ron Simon Says:

    Writers Chris Beard and Allan Blye will be coming and introduced during the evening.

  3. Tiffany Noble Says:


    Do you think Elvis really knew HOW MUCH he really influenced music and pop cultre, from the way from the groubreaking sound of his music, the way he dressed to things such as going unplougged in the special, long before they called it unplugged?

    Out of the two, who would be the best partner for you on Dancing with the Stars, Elvis or Louis?


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