Gossip Girl

Saturday, March 22

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A juicy amalgam of Peyton Place, the Degrassi series, My So-Called Life, and Sex and the City, Gossip Girl is this season’s not-to-be-missed guilty pleasure. Based on the popular young-adult novels by Cecily von Ziegesar, and filmed in New York City, Gossip Girl seduces us into the world of ultra-privileged prep-school teens on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. The irresistible tales of everybody’s fantasy in-crowd are narrated by the unseen, but quite clearly heard, eponymous blogger (Kristen Bell). Developed and executive produced by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage (The O.C.), Gossip Girl, wrote Cristina Kinon in the New York Daily News, “explores contemporary moneyed culture and kids today in a way that’s accessible and totally addictive.”—Michael Waitzman, Curatorial DepartmentIn Person:

  • Penn Badgley, “Dan Humphrey”
  • Chace Crawford, “Nate Archibald”
  • Amy Kaufman, Prod.
  • Bob Levy, Exec. Prod.
  • Blake Lively, “Serena van der Woodsen”
  • Leighton Meester, “Blair Waldorf”
  • Taylor Momsen, “Jenny Humphrey”
  • Kelly Rutherford, “Lily van der Woodsen”
  • Stephanie Savage, Cocreator/Exec. Prod.
  • Josh Schwartz, Cocreator/Exec. Prod.
  • Matthew Settle, “Rufus Humphrey”
  • Jessica Szhor, “Vanessa Abrams”
  • Ed Westwick, “Chuck Bass”
  • Cecily von Ziegesar, Author, Gossip Girl books


93 Comments on “Gossip Girl”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Were any of the cast fans before they started the show? And is Chase Crawford single?

  2. Melanie Says:

    Will you be exploring the Dan/Serena and Rufus/Lily connection even more?

  3. Shu Says:

    To josh, where do you see the Dan/Serena storyline going? Also, will we dig deeper into the psyche of Serena?

  4. Diane Says:

    to josh: loving the show, dan/serena are my favorite couple and they are the most mature and refreshing couple on tv. will they continue to be the source of what brings the two worlds (UES and Brooklyn) together?

  5. Pat Says:

    Where do you see season 2 going?

  6. Stacy Says:

    Before the show started, a lot of fan made videos were made featuring Glamorous by Fergie as the Theme song. Instead we got a little blurb from The Transcenders. Any chance S2 will have a theme song and personal credits and if so, what song would you want used, or what songs did you consider before choosing the Transcenders. 🙂

  7. Lindsay Marcus Says:

    Leighton you have such a great voice. There has been word about you coming out with an album. Are there any dates as to when it will come out? What can you tell us about your album.

    From: Lindsay Marcus of Scottsdale, Arizona

  8. Lori and Brad Says:

    This is for Josh……

    Hi Josh!

    Question- what actresses other than Leighton and Blake were you originally considering for the roles of Blair and Serena?

    Lori and Brad of Arizona

  9. Connie Says:

    Hello gg! before nothing to be thankful by this opportunity of being able to share with you and also to congratulate to all the producers of the program by the wonderful work that did with the series.

    To Leighton… Question: You feel that aids to girls of all the planet to be more elegant and perhaps to even include in elite of his pais?

    Thanks again

    Chace I LOVE U… you are handsome!!!

    Connie of Argentina

  10. Melanie Says:

    For Blake and Penn how much inputs do you have of your guys characters?

  11. Lauren Says:

    Hey. Will there be other events with the cast of gossip girl? or is this the only event?

  12. Julia (Sweden) Says:

    This is for Penn: You are too handsome to be living across the pacific. Come over here! No, serious now. What is the most diffucult (expression, things to do/say) with acting?

    And for Blake: Can you relate to Serena at all? Do you think you are alike as persons?

    Thanks /Julia

  13. Rika Says:

    @ Matthew Settle: I’m one of the biggest fan of you and I hope, you will come to Germany for promotion! Will “Rufus” appear again with his band? What was your most embarrassing scene on the set? Can you imagine to appear with your lovely wife Naama together in Gossip Girl? Or even with Jackie O and Zoe? (I hope, Jackie O is better. I have read that she had an accident?) Do you answer fan post ? Which kind of music do you hear? Do you like “The Filthy Youth” with Ed?
    I wish you and your family all the best!

    Hugs and Kisses
    Rika from Germany

  14. Jenna Says:

    Leighton: What is it about the character of Blair that interests you? Are you at all alike? Different?

  15. Melanie Says:

    For Blake…Is it more difficult doing kissing scenes with say a co-star you just met and havent known very long than is it to say with a co-star you’ve known since childhood like Penn?

  16. Jordan Says:

    for Josh: Are you going to be working on having Blair and Nate work things out and get back together anytime soon?

    for everyone: I love the show! You guys are all amazing at the characters you’re portraying. I’m so impressed at all the great things you’ve added to the already wonderful books!

  17. Corinne Says:

    So Chuck is the “bad guy” of the show, but every once in while there will be moments when he is actually vulnerable. And sometimes they’re hard to catch, but is Chuck really being a bad guy or is he just hiding who he really is?

  18. Laura Says:

    To Josh: Will there be a 10-8-05 flashback scene in the future?

  19. Jaimee Says:

    For Leighton: If it were real life, Do you think you would fall for a guy like Chuck?

  20. Kaila Says:

    to josh and stephanie:
    in writing gossip girl and watching it progress how can you compare it to The O.C. if at all.

  21. Hector Says:

    Leighton: When can we expect your album and what music influences will it have?

    Leighton & Penn: What was it like working together in Drive Thru and then in Gossip Girl? The movie had a cliffhanger, do you guys know if we can expect a sequel?

    Ed Westwick: Are there any plans to tour in America with The Filthy Youth?

    Blake: I’ve seen the previews of Elvis and Anabelle and was wondering if you knew when we can expect to see it in the big screen?

    The cast: Is there any possibility we can see more of Nate and Serena together in Season 2.

    Cecily: How many more books can we hope for?

    Blake: What side of Serena do you prefer to play? The wild Serena or the nice Serena?

    Blake: Are we going to see more of the old Serena?

    Chace: What storyline can we expect to see from Nate?

    Chace: How is it playing Nate?

  22. dancer150 Says:

    First of all, you guys are a part of my favorite show on TV. I thank you so much for this opportunity to ask questions. Keep up all the hard work and just know that you have the largest fanbase ever! And we love you all!

    1. Josh: do you think we can be getting any D/S drama soon? They are my favorite (and the most mature) couple on TV right now, and I adore them. But every couple needs that drama to bring across the deepest love and connection they share.

    2. The scene in the bar with Chuck and Blair in the “Season Finale” was heartbreaking. Please tell me there’s going to be some hope for these two.

  23. Laura Says:

    Josh: Will Serena ever find out about Dan saving her life on Thanksgiving?

  24. Pamela Says:

    to josh/cast: love the show everyone is doing a great job. it’s become my favorite show on tv right now.

    to josh: just wanted to say I love the stories that you have come up for dan/serena, I read the books so your version of these two is incredible. I want to know if they will continue to be the couple that fights to stay together inspite of family/friends and being from two very diffrent worlds?

  25. Pamela Says:

    to josh/cast: love the show everyone is doing a great job. it’s become my favorite show on tv right now.

    to josh: just wanted to say I love the stories that you have come up for dan/serena, I read the books so your version of these two is incredible. I want to know if they will continue to be the couple that fights to stay together inspite of family/friends and being from two very diffrent worlds?

  26. Jude Says:

    For Any of the Actors: At this point so far in the filming, if the show was to end for good at the end of the season,who would you want your character to end up with?

  27. jason Says:

    yo i love this event, this will be awesome

  28. Pat Says:

    What can we expect in the season 1 finale?

  29. Sasha Says:

    Cecily von Ziegesar, i am a huge fan! i have read all your gossip girl novels. i was wondering how you feel about the show and the charcters personalities being so diffrent from the wonderful books?

  30. elena Says:

    I love the couple Chuck/Blair. I think they’re perfect together! I hope they’ll stay together!!! I’m following Gossip Girl from Italy and I really love it!!!

  31. Daphne Says:

    Hi CHACE! I’m a big fan of your’s! I really loved how you got to showcase the fun-loving side of Nate’s personality during the Thanksgiving flashback scene, particularly the bath fight. Was it more fun to shoot that scene than others? Nate’s had some really heavy stuff for most this past season.

  32. Courtland Says:

    I confess! I got hooked on the show because of the scandalous barstool scene you two did, very nice!! There was much chemistry between Serena and Nate but a great friendship too. Do you think things will ever come full circle between your characters?

  33. Lyla Says:

    Chace: You are wickedly funny in some of the past interviews you’ve given; and also when you, Ed, then Penn were singing during the photoshoot clips in NYC. Have you ever considered doing a little comedy?

  34. Laura Says:

    To Josh: Will Rufus, Dan and Serena be heavily involved in the Lily and Bart wedding storyline?

  35. Will Says:

    To Chace/Blake/Josh: Is there more to Nate & Serena than what meets the eye? Are we ever gonna see them interact again?

    To Josh: Are you gonna make Vanessa a regular character? Because she was a big character in the books and we love her.

    To Stephanie: There are difference from the show and the book… does that mean that you guys will also change the outcome/conclusion of the books?

    To Cecily: Who is your favorite character in the show?

  36. Nia Says:

    To Blake: You’ve denied again and again and even got tired of the rumors of you dating Penn. Now the question is… Are you dating Chace? Because you two together are EXPLOSIVE!

  37. Milly Says:

    Blake & Chace: Hi there from down under! We love Gossip Girl, totally addicted. I heard a rumour that you were to come here for a promotion. Is that true and when will you be coming?

  38. Sabrina Says:

    Leighton/Ed, Any hope of a musical collaboration?

    Josh, are we ever gonna see Chuck’s mom or Serena’s dad?

    Jessica, you’re wonderful. I hope you stay as a regular. Which GG guy do you want your character to end up with?

    Chace, you’re so dreamy. I love you… if you can’t date me… can you at least date Blake and have beautiful babies together? Hee.

  39. Natasha Says:

    Blake & Chace: I’m wondering where the Nate & Serena storyline will be going, if it will be at all? 🙂

  40. Laura Says:

    Penn: Is it diffcult shooting both The Stepfather and GG at the same time?

  41. Pat Says:

    Will anyone be joining the regular list for the remaining episodes and/or season 2?

    I really want to see Vanessa, Eleanor and Eric getting their own storylines.

  42. Stacy Says:

    For Penn: We’ve heard from various cast members that you can carry a tune. Any chance you’d love to share that with us through Dan.

    Also for Josh: Any chance we could see the Humphrey men jam out?? 🙂

  43. Milly Says:

    Blake: Although Serena rightfully sees some of the negative aspects to the Upper East Side lifestyle, don’t you think that her boyfriend Dan is overly judgmental of her? Shouldn’tt she stand up for herself and her friends Blair and Nate more?

  44. Nicole Says:

    To Ed: What do you think of all the love towards your character? It appears that we’re supposed to love to hate Chuck, but most people just flat out love him. What were you expecting the reaction to be?

    To Everyone: What do you think is the most outrageous thing that has happened on the show?

  45. Yasmin Says:


    My entire office is ADDICTED to the show, are you surprised by the interest from older fans? What do you think makes it so addictive to us?

  46. aley Says:

    When is there going to be new episodes

  47. Diane Says:

    Milly, that goes both ways. The way you mentioned Dan being judgemental about Serena and her friends, Blair is the same way about Serena’s boyfriend Dan, she has called him a welfare project, charity case and the infamous “low-rent” comment, so I would say that dan/serena both have to deal with their fair share of how their worlds will always see them. The thing that is good about this story is that dan/serena don’t let what others think about them influence how they feel about each other. It’s just another thing that makes them such a great couple.

  48. emiliee Says:

    penn & blake: OHH MY GOSHH! we know you guys wont say your dating eachother. and if you guys truly arnt dating, maybe you’s should! and soo tell me the truth!! are you guys dating because I LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCh AND YOUR BOTH MY FAV COUPLES ON THE SHOW!! your relationship is the only reason why i watch the show! its soo beautiful!

  49. PerL Says:

    Kelly&Matthew: How do you guys feel about the Rufus/LiLy storyLine?
    And is there a future for them [LiLy and rufus]?
    perL, austria

  50. Lee Says:

    This question is for both Josh and the main cast: I know that your previous HUGE and vast hit was the O.C. but when casting for Gossip Girl did you purposely want to have the cast look like your last or was it simply a coincidence? As for the cast, did you guys ever realize how similar you looked as compared to the O.C. cast?

  51. Cole Says:

    Recently Gossip Girl blogs, facebooks, myspaces, and websites have been popping up all over the country. The basis of these, if you haven’t heard, are basically someone being anonymous, calling themselves Gossip Girl, like the show, who posts anything and everything about other people to cause drama. Don’t get me wrong the show is amazing and my friends and I watch it all the time, but what do you guys think about this? And could a pubic service announcement about how doing that is wrong, change what teenagers are choosing to mimic from the show?

  52. Daphne Says:

    For Blake or Chace:
    What is the most cool gesture another cast member has done for you on set?

  53. Ali Says:

    1) What is with Chuck’s wardrobe? (Furry-hooded jacket, pink argyle cardigans, and yellow turtlenecks) Is there a chance that he’ll be coming out of the closet in a future episode?

    2) Josh, how much input on casting did you have? What were your thoughts on 30-something actors being cast as the parents of teenage children?

    3) We get the sense that the actress who plays Vanessa is the outcast of the cast in real life just as she is the outcast on the show (she doesn’t do as many public appearances, etc.) Is this true? Did the principal cast bond on set before she arrived?

  54. Emma Says:

    Whats happening with Nate and Serena?
    I want to see more scenes between these two!

  55. Daphne Says:

    For the execs:
    1) I love, love, love everything about the show, thank you! Any chance we can have more behind the scenes specials, special with castmates on the set? , Gossip Girl Revealed was awesome. I can’t get enough!

    2) You’ve had certain castmates do lots of promotions, interviews, events together such as Leighton & Chace or Penn & Blake– any chance we can see that mixed up more? I’d particularly love to see Chace & Blake do some interviews together or Leighton & Ed.


  56. Stef Says:

    Chace & Blake: So… Do you both know that you have loads of supporters out there that think you both should hook up?

    Cecily: Which among the show’s characters do you think were portrayed most like the book characters?

    Cecily: Are we ever gonna know who’ll end up with Nate in the book? Blair or Serena?

    Josh: Are we ever gonna have scenes of just the Elite 4 (Nate, Serena, Chuck & Blair)? Pls say yes.

  57. Kiley Says:

    Chace: are you single?!

    Taylor: How do you feel about fans that are angry you got the role when you aren’t like Jenny in the books? Does it upset you?

    Cecily: Which characters do you feel represent the book characters the most? Are you happy with the way they were portrayed?

    Josh: A lot of fans compare Gossip Girl to the OC, which show do you relate the most to?

    Leighton: Who do you want Blair to end up with, Nate or Chuck?

  58. Bea Says:

    Ed: You’re in a band in your home country, but do you ever plan on doing any concerts in the united states?

    All Cast: Do you guys get along really well? Do you ever hang out off set to bond?

    Blake: Any hope we’ll be seeing your adorable dog Penny on screen?

    Blake and Leighton: On the show, your friendship isn’t perfect but it’s very strong. Do you two get along that well offscreen as well?

  59. […] the first time ever, fans will be able to watch the event as it happens live and online. Simply click here at 7PM pacific (10PM eastern) to check it […]

  60. Rebecca Says:

    Question for Josh:

    I’m a huge fan of all your shows, you pretty much have my dream career. I remember reading somewhere that you sold your first script when you were in college and I know that you started the O.C. at a pretty young age, so my question is: How did that all come about? And what advice would you give to any aspiring screenwriters/showrunners out there?

  61. Rika Says:

    Do you know that I will already get up 03:00 a.m., so that I can watch the show? I hope that not only US citizen can watch this! Please, does not ignore my questions! Many thanks!

  62. DANI Says:




  63. Chloe Says:


    Your character has had more girl problems, family problems, school problems and friend problems than any other. How does it feel to be portraying Nate? Will things be going better for him in the future? Do you think this makes him less likable than other characters?

  64. Susan Says:


    Will we ever see a Nate/Jenny romantic relationship or even a deep friendship? Taylor and Chace have such great chemistry that it would be a crime to see it squandered.

  65. Loren Says:

    Josh: Is there still hope for Chuck and Blair?

    Leighton: If you had to choose for Blair, Would you pick Chuck or Nate?

    Ed: Which female co-star are you closer to?

  66. alex Says:

    blake: who are you the closest to of any of the cast members?

    penn: what is your hidden passion?

    Josh: where did you get the idea to adapt this book into a show and how closely do you follow the book series?

  67. allie Says:

    josh: do you plan to explore chuck and blairs relationship? if not will blair meet someone new?

  68. Keira Says:

    To Chace:

    What kind of girls do you like in real life? The Blair or the Serena type.
    Please don’t say a combination of the two.

    What kind of girls have you met in your life so far.

    Most of your fans (including me) think, you are developing an image similar to that of your character Nate Archibald– cool and hip, and we want(yes, want ..lol) you to date someone as hip as you are in real life.

  69. katie Says:

    josh: will you bring in blairs step dad and step brother into the show??

  70. Kaitlin Says:


    You are the most gorgeous guy ever. I think you are the best choice for Nate Archibald.
    I think you are even better than Nate Archibald..you come across as more friendly, laid back, and have a sense of humor.

    Almost all your fans relate you to your character Nate Archibald, and you do come across as Sophisticated as Nate. We would love to see you date someone as sophisticated as you are. but, its your life, its your choice.

  71. Laura Says:

    This for Jessica: You have the most amazing hair! Is it naturally curly or do you curl it yourself?

    And for Josh: Please make Vanessa a regular!

  72. Cryz Says:


    You are so gorgeous, you give every one a complex.
    It must be hard for you to find a girl who is as attractive as you are.
    Is there any one girl, you think, is as attractive as you? haha
    Its not only your looks, your persona is so adorable.

  73. Hayden Says:

    Chace Crawford:

    I am not going to say, how cute you are, cause you may be tired of hearing this.

    We all see you as Nate, and I think it works well for you to have an Image same as Nate- Preppy and Hip. I also agree that you/Chace have more charisma than Nate.
    You are the best choice for Nate, I don’t think anyone else could carry off that image the way you do. Please keep this image.

    I think you should date Socialites like Blair and Serena in real life. Just my opinion.

  74. jaze Says:

    Josh – I think, Chuck is the most entertaining character on the show. Are you planning to give us more insight about his views on women and his relationship with Bart or any storyline to let us know more about him?

    Are Chuck and Blair’s constantly matching outfits a coincidence or are you trying to tell us something?

    ED – Do you think your character actually meant what he said to Blair in the last scene they shared or he was just upset because he lost his best friend and she came to him as a last resort?

    Ed – Which one is your favourite from the fallowing bands: The Kinks, The Zombies, Wire, XTC, Blur?

  75. neddi Says:

    kelly and Matthew:

    What will happens with rufus and lily in gossip girl.
    can we expect more tension between both and will there be a happy end for both?=)

    ed and leightoon:

    What do you really thinking about your role?
    Will chuck and blair comes together?

    for josh:
    Great show, you are the master

    neddi from germany

  76. Nida Says:

    Leighton, now that you’re singing, have you and Ed considered doing a song together? And do you ever sing together?

  77. Claire Says:

    To Josh/Stephanie: The tv series and the books are both very different to me, but I adore them both. One of the biggest differences is the relationship between Blair and Chuck. When you first started writing the series, did you plan for Blair and Chuck to get together, or is it something that you decided on in later episodes as the two characters seem to go together so well? Is there any hope for the two to reconcile somehow in the next five episodes, too?

    To Josh/Stephanie/Blake: Can we have any hints at all to the ‘real’ reason Serena left for Boarding School? Please? Pretty please?

    Who would you guys honestly prefer or think that your characters should end up with?

    To Cecily: I adore the Gossip Girl books and have been reading them for a few years now. The ending of the last book made a lot of sense, even if it did break my heart a little. Do you have any ideas on what the rest of Blair’s, Nate’s and Serena’s lives would of been like? For instance, if Nate, when he came back, did choose one of them in the end, or just how it all ended up for the three. If you can’t answer due to spoilers or something, will we find anymore information about them in your next book about the Carlysle triplets?

    Is there any hope for Serena and Nate, or are the two truely in the past now?

    To Josh/Jessica/Stephanie: Please give Vanessa more time on the show! I think such a great job is done portraying her, but we haven’t really learnt all that much about her yet. Is she going to have a love interest other then Dan? Are we going to learn anymore about her character?

  78. Laura Says:


    1) What is your gameplan for Chuck/Blair, Dan/Serena, etc? I’d love to know what your opinion is on the major couples in the show.

    2) Blair is my all-time favourite character. Will things start to look up for her after what happened in the last episode?

  79. Enyel Says:

    To the Cast:

    If you weren’t portraying your actual character, which character will you like to portray and why?

    To Josh:

    Why did you choose Gossip Girl for your next TV hit Show (not that I’m complaining), but what took you to choose this amazing books to make a show on it?

    To Cecily:

    Which of the actors fits entirely (or at least a bit more than the others) to your mental picture of the character?

    To Ed:

    Chuck is one of my favorite characters, althought I really didn’t liked what he said to Blair on the last episode, do you think he just told her that because he wanted her to be away from him, because Blair makes him vulnerable or do you think he really meant that?.

    To Chace:

    1) A lot of your fans see you as the perfect Edward Cullen (from the Twilight series), but have you ever read the books, or even consider making audition for the character, I have to tell you, you are the perfect Edward.

    2) If you could write what’s going on with Nate for the next episode, what would it be of him?, what do you think his destiny might be?

  80. Irene Says:

    To Josh: Serena is my favourite character on GG. I have seen her enough with Dan. Will you be exploring Serena/Nate, Serena/Carter or even Serena/Chuck?

    Irene from Indonesia

  81. Rika Says:

    Where is the Live stream????

  82. […] March 22 Gossip Girl Streaming LIVE—Click […]

  83. Rika Says:

    :(((thx, but it doesn’t play… :(((

  84. Rika Says:

    Ok, I’m soooo sad. It doesn’t works. :(((( I’m going to bed… Greetings to the whole cast, incl. Josh, Steph… You are the best!
    And big hugs to Matthew, Ed and Leighton.
    I could cry… Please put on the WHOLE vid! 😦

  85. Laura Says:

    It doesn’t work for me either =[

  86. The Paley Center for Media Says:

    If you are having difficulties playing the live stream, you can get instant tech support by instant messaging vivcast@live.com or emailing support.us@vividas.com.

  87. Holly Says:

    I didn’t get to see the end of the event. The player stopped after someone in the audience asked a question about continuing onto college and Josh said something about Dan going to college for ten years. Was there anything else after that I didn’t get to see? Could you please make a video clip of the end of the event for those that didn’t get to see it.

  88. jason Says:

    Yo i love this TV Show ever’
    your THE NUMBER ONE TV SHOW . . .

  89. Chloe Says:

    I loved watching the Gossip Girl panel—but whoa Tim Stack is not a great moderator, needs to work that!

  90. Brian Says:

    I would like to thank Palyfest for streaming the event. I hope that in the future you would consider streaming more of the panels so the general public who love the shows can see the various casts and makers.

  91. caty Says:

    Penn Badgley and Blake Lively are officially onscreen’s cutest couple: Dan and Serena? Will their relationship continue to blossom? Hopefully yes indeed. Even better is how they knew each other as kids which is extremely adorable. Their chemistry onscreen is great. Blake, you are my idol! You’re gorgeous and I hope your career proves successful because you are just so great! Penn, you are amazing! Aside from being really cute, your sense of humor is contagious. I hope only the best for the both of you!

  92. caty Says:

    Also, Taylor, you are the greatest thing ever! I think it’s really great that you are actuallly the same age as your character so you can relate easily to what Jenny must go through. I just wondered how your experience of Upper East Side Prep School compares to that of your everyday or what anyone else experiences? What’s a typical day like when you are in the process of shooting?

  93. Lôwrane Says:

    To Chace : What do you think about Serena & Nate ? Do you think they’ll eventually end up together, because we had a Nate all in love with Serena and then it was about having Blair back ? Did he forget Serena ?

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