Mad Men

Thursday, March 27
Mad Men

In returning us to an era when men ruled the roost, guzzled martinis for lunch, and kept a never-ending string of filter-less Lucky Strikes burning in their office ashtrays, Mad Men offers an exquisitely rendered fantasy, at once nostalgic and antidotal, for our politically correct times. But in the hands of creator Matthew Weiner, the vicarious thrills are belied by what lies behind the façade of the American male circa 1960: alienation, angst, misogyny, racism, and most of all, a creeping sense of dread. This may be the dawn of Camelot, flush with optimism and modern convenience, but the dream that Don Draper and his fellow princes of Madison Avenue are spinning for a nation of consumers has already begun to fray.
—Allen Glover, Assistant Curator

In Person:

  • Jon Hamm, “Don Draper”
  • Christina Hendricks, “Joan Holloway”
  • Vincent Kartheiser, “Pete Campbell”
  • Robert Morse, “Bertram Cooper”
  • Elisabeth Moss, “Peggy Olson”
  • John Slattery, “Roger Sterling”
  • Rich Sommer, “Harry Crane”
  • Aaron Staton, “Ken Cosgrove”
  • Matthew Weiner, Creator/Exec. Prod.

3 Comments on “Mad Men”

  1. John Lynd Says:

    authenticity aside, aren’t you all worried about all the smoking scenes you do?

  2. Chris Uszler Says:

    When you choose a real-life ad campaign or client for depiction in Mad Men, what interaction before or after broadcast do you have, if any, with the actual company whose product/business you depict? Legally, when do you need the company’s permission in this regard? If you don’t need permission, do you tell the company about your storyline before the episode is broadcast? Has anyone approached you about writing their product/business into the show? Please share any amusing/interesting anecdotes in this area. Thank you.

  3. Carolyn Perkins Says:

    The details for both the set designs and costumes on the show are amazing (remind me of my childhood) – wondered how everything is researched and if furniture, props are recreated or if they are authentic. Absolutely my favorite show on the air right now and have gotten lots of other people addicted as well!

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