Pushing Daisies

Saturday, March 15

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With a striking visual scheme suggesting a child’s pop-up book and a deadpan whimsicality that sets it miles apart from your typical mystery (the victims are, after all, interrogated on who murdered them), Pushing Daisies has been hailed as one of the stand-out offerings of the new television season. Creator Bryan Fuller’s highly original premise involves a piemaker (Lee Pace) given the ability to bring the dead back to life with the touch of a finger . . . but with a catch. Daisies works as a droll satire on human foibles, a whodunit, and a gentle love story, performed by a collection of oddball characters worthy of Charles Addams.
—Barry Monush, Researcher

In Person:

  • Kristin Chenoweth, “Olive Snook”
  • Bruce Cohen, Exec. Prod.
  • Anna Friel, “Chuck”
  • Bryan Fuller, Creator/Exec. Prod.
  • Ellen Greene, “Vivian Charles”
  • Dan Jinks, Exec. Prod.
  • Swoosie Kurtz, “Lily Charles”
  • Chi McBride, “Emerson Cod”
  • Peter Ocko, Coexec. Prod.
  • Lee Pace, “Ned”

5 Comments on “Pushing Daisies”

  1. Irvin Says:

    Congratulations to Bryan Fuller for finally creating a “quirky” show that a network supports! As a huge fan of your previous work (as well as your current work on Pushing Daisies) is there any chance of a a feature length film based on Wonderfalls to actually happen as has been rumored.

    short of that, is there anyway you might get some of the former cast from Wonderfalls (like the marvelous Caroline Dhavernas, Katie Finneran or Tracie Thoms) to do an arc on Pushing Daisies?

  2. Chris M Says:

    On the surface, the concept of this series seems like it would be a hard sell — to both the network and to audiences. How did you win over the network, and were you concerned about viewers’ acceptance of the material?

  3. Chris M Says:


    You were also the creator of “Dead Like Me” — a tragically short-lived Showtime series following the lives of grim reapers both on the job and off the job as they tried to live amongst the living. What did you learn from working on that series, and how has it affected your approach to Pushing Daisies?

  4. What’s Ned’s last name? We know everyone else’s; is there some reason that Ned’s hasn’t yet been revealed?

  5. mary Says:

    I also want to know what Ned’s name is.

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