The X-Files

Wednesday, March 26

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Trust us on this: Chris Carter is coming to PaleyFest to talk about not only the upcoming X-Files movie, but also the iconic Fox TV series that spawned it. Airing from 1993 to 2002, The X-Files beguiled critics and viewers alike, nailing the zeitgeist on the head at a time when radio talk show hosts fueled a grassroots movement suspecting conspiracies behind almost every action emanating from the White House. All Chris Carter had set out to do was make a scary little show in the tradition of Kolchak: The Night Stalker. How was he supposed to know that one day he’d win a George Foster Peabody Award for excellence, that legions of die-hard fans would band together as X-Philes, and scholars would have a field day penning articles like “The X-Files and the Aesthetics and Politics of Postmodern Pop”? The truth IS out there: Mulder and Scully are back!
—David Bushman, Curator

In Person:

  • Chris Carter, Creator/Exec. Prod.
  • Frank Spotnitz, Exec. Prod.

54 Comments on “The X-Files”

  1. Rob Says:

    IS there any chance david duchovny and/or gillian anderson will be one of the additional panelists announced?

  2. Emily Says:

    Will baby William make an appearance in the new movie?

  3. Donna Says:

    I’d like to ask Chris Carter what his thoughts are on the endless parade of x-files copycat tv shows. I can’t tell you how many shows I’ve watched that have blatantly ripped off many ideas from the show. I’m wondering if he’s flattered or offended.

  4. Lisa Says:

    I sent in these ones so far:

    – Which episodes of the series, if any, does the new movie take its tone from?

    – X-Files 2 features new costars, including comic Billy Connolly and charismatic Xzibit. Can you share some of the funnier things that happened on the set?

    – How will the new movie be portraying Mulder and Scully’s “complicated” relationship, as you have called it?

    – Chris/Frank – Do you/did you ever deal with writers block? How did you combat it? Can you explain a little about the cowriting process you use?

    – What question do you never want to get asked again in LIFE?

  5. Brian Says:

    Can you tell us the timeline of the movie, is it set in 2008 and is it true to the end of the series in dealing with Mulder and Scully on the run from the FBI, or will it be in 2008 like nothing happened in the series.

    I’m looking forward to the movie, I’ll be the first one in line thanks for making the movie. Your audience is still out there!

  6. Len Says:

    Can you tell us the title of the movie?, and how are you dealing with the romance between Mulder and Scully are they lovers or still eyebrow and forehaed kissers?

  7. Rachel Says:

    Oh God, if I have to see any forehead kissing in the new movie, I will kill myself.

  8. Brittany Says:

    I was wondering why the decision was made not to include Robert Patrick, Annabeth Gish and Mitch Pileggi. I’m a huge Patrick fan and it disappoints me that he’s not going to be involved…but as an X-Phile, it REALLY disappoints me that Mitch isn’t involved. He was a big part of the show for most of its run and even made the opening credits in Season 9…I think he deserves to be a part of it!

  9. Lucie Says:

    My questions is the following: to chris carter -whats the best way to resume this movie? will mulder and scully be together as a couple in this movie? if it where me they would always be a couple 😉 .I mean dont they look good together!!!

  10. Justen Everage Says:

    Will any of “The Syndicate” members such as CSM be excluded from this sequel?

    Can we expect to see the lone gunmen?

    Does the movie include an explained time gap from the previous movie and/or episodes, or does it jump directly in as if there were no delay between plots. To clarify, is this…. years later, a new “re-grouping” of the characters?

  11. Annie Says:

    My question is for Chris Carter : When you made Scully pregnant at the end of Requiem, did you, in the same time, knew that she would give up her and Mulder’s child for adoption? Did it seem to you that Scully would ever do such a thing? Because it seems to me and millions of fans out there completely out of character!

  12. Megan Says:

    My question is for all panelists: What did it feel like to bring The X-Files back to Vancouver? Did you always intend to return to Vancouver to shoot the second feature?

  13. Dee Santos Says:

    Are we going to see anyone from Scully’s family in this movie?

  14. spook Says:

    In response to Brittany: CC said at WonderCon that they’re keeping a secret (regarding a cast member). It is very possible that one of the actors you mentioned will make an appearance in the film.

  15. Carly Says:

    when will we know if David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson will be present?

  16. Luciana L Says:

    Is there true that a bedroom scene was on the script but DD and GA didn´t want do it?

  17. Lois Says:

    Is there going to be any major character dead?

  18. Hi, all, this is David Bushman, curator at The Paley Center for Media. Thanks for all your comments and great questions. I’m not trying to be coy, but you never know who will show up at the event besides Chris and Frank (in fact, we don’t even know yet), so make sure you attend and find out for yourselves. We are going to submit as many of your questions as possible to the moderator and hopefully she will have enough time to ask a bunch of them. Keep those comments coming …

  19. Lisa Says:

    How exciting! If anybody from the show or movie comes, I’ll be thrilled. Hell, I’m thrilled with Chris and Frank!

    I kind of hope the audience participation is limited or at least heavily moderated, because people were nothing short of mortifying at WonderCon. But I guess they’re used to it by now.

    Anyway I submitted some more questions, but I’ll also be there. I have to cover all the bases.

    – When Mulder could hear peoples thoughts in Biogenesis/The Sixth Extinction, what did he hear in Scully’s head?

    – How far in advance did you plan long-term storylines? (For example, when did you know that you would end season 7 with Scully announcing she was pregnant, and how did you work toward that conclusion throughout the year?)

    – Are there elements of The X-Files that you wish the audience understood or appreciated in a different way?

  20. Sheila Says:

    Since most of the more overt aspects of the relationship were off camera, around what episode did Mulder and Scully start having sex? Why was it never shown?

  21. Yolanda Says:

    Hi my question is simple,

    I understand the show was originally made in Canada, and in later years it moved to LA, why did you decide on doing the movie in Canada instead of the USA? Does 911 come to mind in anyway?

  22. Luciana L Says:

    It´s great that you guys have open this space for us post questions, and since i live in Brazil, i´m not going to make it to paleyfest. I really hope someone ask about the sex scene that was supposed to happen in the movie, this story was reported on the press, so i want to know if was really true. Even if they didn´t answer, it will be good to see they reaction to it. It will be cool if DD and GA show up, but Chris and Frank being there is great already.

  23. Luciana, I will forward your question to the moderator and hopefully she will have time to ask it. If not maybe someone from audience will. Sorry you can’t make it to the PaleyFest, but Brazil IS a long way. Hopefully the event will make it to DVD one day.

  24. Luciana L Says:

    Thanks David, i just email with the question to leave my name and location. I know the time is short, so if no one ask about this, that´s ok, i´m sure that will be good questions to be ask.
    And i´m counting on the DVD thing, i would love to see this event even if just on video.
    Thanks again!

  25. Sachiko Paz Says:

    Did you ever get feedback from Leyla Harrison’s family? If so, what was it?

  26. Kemariah Says:

    I’m Kerstin from Austria

    my question to Chris Carter and Frank S.:
    I hope, you haven’t forgotten about your european xf-fans, as there are still a billion of them!!!!
    Will you be coming to Europe for promotion or will there be a european movie premiere?
    If yes, where and when?

  27. Amanda Says:

    Do you think that you will include any bloopers in the DVD release? I know lots of fans would love that!

  28. Rosemary Says:

    Oh my god, bloopers would be AMAZING. And maybe a commentary with the stars? I would love to hear Billy and Xzibit through the film as well.

  29. Luciana L Says:

    What would be more amazing if they get the boopers and cut scenes of all the seasons, FTF (Movie 1) and make a DVD of it (not just one but a box), and include things we never had seen it before.

  30. Lucie Says:

    Hi david,living in canada wont be able to make it either but would sure wish i could.If GA or DD are there it would be great for the ones who can make it.What i would like to ask Gillian is:What is your favorite x-files episode? and The one you hated the most?and why. To DD:Whats the hardest in the x-files,the scedule?being away from your family?or other? How do you adapt to this schedule and life even if its ifs only for short term? hopefully they will both be there!!!

  31. Jacqueline Says:

    Despite the claim that the series ender “The Truth” would answer all the unanswered questions, I think Chris and Company may have browsed over one crucial and yet overlooked mystery:

    From Season 1 to season 3, WHAT was going on with scully’s hair?

    In relation to the new movie, my question would HAVE to be:

    If xhibit pimped mulder’s ride, would one of its features be a ford taurus that doubled as a ufo?

  32. Mackey B. Says:

    The XF2 premiere: When, where?

  33. Mackey B. Says:

    We know that you were shooting several days late in Pemberton, is this going to affect the selected worldwide opening date of July 24/July 25?

  34. Donna Says:

    Is this sold out yet?

  35. Kate Says:

    How did the strike impact prep and early shooting of the film? Thanks!

  36. Irene Says:

    I never understood the backtracking or reinventing of Mulder and Scully in Season 8. For instance, what was the purpose of the brain disease you gave Mulder? Why wouldn’t he tell Scully? Why didn’t Scully search for Mulder?

  37. Irene Says:

    Sorry, I submitted the above questions before adding that it will be wonderful to see these two characters together again. Also, thank you Chris and Frank for your efforts and talents to bring them back to the big screen.

  38. Bettye Says:

    I’d like to ask Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz this:
    This is a multi-part question: Are you aware that William, Scully and Mulder’s child, is a source of great discussion on my fan websites?
    How could you justify sending William to live with unknowing, unprepared farmers/ranchers in Wyoming (when you and your fans know the aliens and/or human consortium will find him immediately) as well as the adoption of her son being a totally uncharacteristic behavior for Scully. The Scully we know and love would never have given Mulder’s child away!

  39. Irina Says:

    Hi, just 2 questions from russian fan:
    1. Will there be any flashbacks in the movie to show us something that we didn’t see in the seriеs???
    2. And how about promotion in Europe??? Or maybe in Russia (*sigh* it’s more like a dream, but you know “Never give up on a miracle”)


  40. […] Wednesday, March 26The X-Files […]

  41. T.A. Says:

    Any word on additional panelists for this event?

  42. d'lu Says:

    Thank you all for giving us another glimpse into the lives of Mulder and Scully (and hopefully their romance and son). It won’t be a problem attracting us psycho fans, my friends already booked a sitter for their not yet born baby so they can be in line opening night (hopefully at Arclight so we won’t have to worry about the line like we did for FTF). How is the film going to be marketed to attract the general public or even the average fan of the show given so much time has passed?

    Any chance all the main players would sign on for a third feature? If either David or Gillian would not do a third film would the rest of you still consider it without them?

  43. zairel Says:

    For Chris and Frank: If you could work as a writer/producer on any show currently on tv, what would it be and why?

  44. XYIYI Says:


    WHAT HAPPENED TO WILLIAM? we alredy know that he’s been adopted by another family yada yada…
    So if we’re not going to see him in this film 😦 that’s a lill sad
    & please don’t tell me that Mulder and Scully were living apart all this 6 long years!


  45. Phillip B Says:

    Chris and Frank

    I was hoping Chris and frank could talk for a moment about Harsh Realm- A fantastic show with an incredible premise, yet has no ending. Please explain where the show might have gone and what plans you had for the characters.


    If i had one question to ask that would be it.

  46. Lynn Says:

    Chris, why do you perpetuate the ridiculous charade?

    I have an anonymous Inside Source at Twentieth Century Fox who has told me that Fox will never make X Files II, and they will never work with you again.

    Why can’t you accept that you are a washed-up hack with no future, and you totally ruined the show.

    PS, Chris, can you send me a lock of David Duchovny’s hair? Thanks.

  47. Marty Says:

    1) During the series, what was the research process like? It seemed like y’all had an uncanny insight into things that were about to happen in the news. So many topics seemed to come up like “kismet.” From small pox vaccine conspiracies to the attacks on the World Trade Center, it seemed like you guys were always one step ahead of what was going on in the dark, so to speak. While I have no delusions that you were “in” on anything, it does seem eerie, doesn’t it? p.s. to Frank Spotnitz – REALLY loved your response to the World Trade Center question at Wondercon in SF. I was very pleased to hear it and to know it had been in your thoughts, too.

    2) Regarding the FAITH themes in the series: What was the writing process like for these shows? Did/do you have story conferences where you discussed particular themes and all their variations. The faith shows were what sold me on your show. Scully’s faith in religion and God, Mulder’s faith in Scully, Scully’s faith in science, Mulder’s lack of faith in his convictions (at one point), Scully’s faith in Mulder, etc. It was always very compelling and were themes I often wrote about. I miss seeing and discussing them. So thanks; and I am very anxious to see the movie and these characters again.

  48. Jennifer Carlson Says:

    Chris and Frank. I loved the show and along with the amazing stories and productions of a caliber not seen on TV before, I’d also spent, literally, years watching the Mulder/Scully relationship escalate. Having invested in the characters, right or wrong, I felt entitled to see the culmination of that. What I got instead was essentially a flippant, “oh yeah, apparently they had sex sometime, we’re not sure when, we’re not sure in what context, and oh by the way, Scully is pregnant. Moving on!”

    I felt this was a monumental cheat. While I wouldn’t classify myself as a die-hard “shipper” it was like paying to see a movie and having the film break in the last 10 minutes and being sent home. This left a lingering bitter taste and resentment. Yes, I realize you had to work around Duchovny leaving, but the solution was inelegant to say the least.

    Seeing the ratings drop, along with the fans and critical attacks, do you now wish you’d handled it differently? And how do you intend to draw back in the fans who are, quite frankly, still bitter about how it was handled?

  49. Lea Says:

    hi guys, check out this site if you wanna know more about the show :

  50. Penny Says:

    My question is if this second film is a success (and I hope it will be?) and IF you then make a third or it even turns into a much wanted movie franchise? Will you be likely to keep the filming locations in and around Vancouver again?

    Oh and please put Bloopers on the DVD! Fans LOVE these so much! 😉


  51. Karen Says:

    At any point in the new film, does Mulder have a gun? And if he does, does he lose it?

  52. Francesca Says:

    I’m Francesca from Italy!
    I know, I’m late but I’d like to know which present Mulder did to Scully and Scully did to Mulder for Xmas?
    Chris, Frank… all italian x-philes are waiting you here! 🙂
    And… by the way… give us DVD Bloopers! 😉

  53. Yayá Reis Says:

    Hi!I’m from Brazil and,Francesca,I just loved your sugestion…DVD Bloopers…Yes!!!
    And the presents…everybody wants to know about the presents…

    I’m sad…Now is too late for questions…
    Ok,thanks anyway!

  54. anita Says:

    where are gillian and david??

    why not are they there??

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